Saturday, 7 March 2009

more signs of the times

I like signs. I did a previous post on this topic. In our current melt I cannot resist another. The photo (left) is our home and driveway in December.

Winters in Central Canada mean Lake Effect snow. We hire a company to do our driveway, as do many folks. They arrive, sometimes at 4:00 a.m., and plow us out, in the dark, at breakneck speed. Many of these contractors have 'day' jobs.

Snowplows on the big highways are slow, as they work their way through their roads. At some points during the winter, they go back and lower the snow banks with another pass. We cannot pass them, most of the time, and there is not other way around. You sit, relax and enjoy the clean road.

There is some damage done, as they drive along. I think of the damage I have done as I barrel along trying to accomplish something purposeful. Having moved, changed cities, homes, and careers to care for failing parents, there weren't many signs along the way.

You make the best decisions you can at the time, with the information, advice and encouragement of friends and family. I lost my even keel.

There are days I feel as tipsy as these signs. I hope, now that sign of spring have emerged, that we can move along the straight and narrow.

We have had fog, as the temperture of the ice and snow doesn't match the air temperature. You just have to make your way along as best you can - looking for signs along the way.

You might feel there is no exit, but we all make choices and can take control in some way.

There are place you cannot park, else you will be towed. This is alright - this is a place you were not meant to go. Sometimes the signs are meant to protect you.

Things appear a bit dishevelled along our highways and byways. I feel the same, ready to shed my winter clothes, clean away winter debris, and emerge anew.

How do the deer know to cross here?
The trick is in learning to read the signs.

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Jain said...

This post leaves me curiously homesick for the north.