Friday 20 March 2009

google ads

Recent concerns (see the CBC article) over Google ads prompted a rewrite of this post. Physicians are concerned with the quackery of it all. I don't blame them. While people may be foolish to be lulled into promises of cures, they are being victimized.

It is a big decision to put up an ad. I wrestled with it for some time. I did ponder the preponderance of ads towards seniors, in a previous blog, who may be more vulnerable. Some, of course, have social, emotional, cognitive and physical issues and are easily targeted by fast-talking folks. They market as much towards geriatrics as they to pediatrics these days. It is appalling.

When I saw a google ad for "100's of Asian Women" on someone else's blog about their life in Asia, I dumped it! It looked cheap and detracted from the site! In my opinion, it demeans a site. I loathe visiting major companies, CBC or Oprah, for example, and having to wend my way through ads.

The worst ads are the ones that take forever to load dynamic content, and slow your page. The google ads, at least, are small and succinct.

The ones on my ontarioseniors.blogspot were quite rational, the ones I noticed, but since you need a million 'clicks' to make a few cents off of it, I thought I'd delete it! You can see that despite many comments, and 1700 profile views, unless people click on the ads you do not make money.

It didn't necessarily lead people to acceptable sites, nor did they lead to reputable or local businesses. They use your blog content to attach appropriate and relevant ad content, but you just never know what they will post. Others have found that the ads don't match well and don't bring in much income.

I have dumped them. It leaves more space for my own photos and sidebars.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for the timely warning. I would like to see some of your photos.