Monday 16 February 2009

You Will Be Happy When...

as a child I always knew
happiness will come to you
all you need: the perfect life
one day to wake and be a wife
dreams are made: truth not told
lies were all I could behold
forever after is the cry
without a love you´ll surely die

a life I´ve led: husband and marriage
afterwards a baby carriage
a second child, then number three
true happiness I then could see

but the picture changed with my rebirth
no longer content to sit at hearth
my hopes and dreams, fears and wishes
all have changed -so screw the dishes

I want to live to make a choice
to boldly go, to find my voice
each friend I meet becomes a dove
I feel that God has sent such love

for peace I feel now that I´m free
a better time I know I´ll see
let go the chains, break free of boxes
security flies, throw out galoshes

take a risk, break down the door
I´ll find my life will show me more
I´ll free my kids, they too will fly
we reach together a mountain´s high

their future lies in brighter visions
where dreams are dreampt without collisions
in praise of love we´ll grow alway
in harmony that´s lived each day

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