Monday 16 February 2009

pain body

the tumour ate your words
your agony acid in my wounded heart

your pain changed us all
my pain body changed me

dementia weighed us down
agony clouded my mind

all of it needless
much of it needleless

my heart so full
your heart voiceless

as your messenger I took up the sword
even as your pain song rang through the halls

losing the battle
you won your freedom

still I fight, weapon in hand
health a victory yet to hold


Some health care practitioners do not understand modern pain management. My father, whose brain tumour caused him to lose his language, was unable to name his pain. Not a cost issue, we were paying for most of his medications, staff hesitated to manage his pain. You can read pain symptoms in the body language and the spirit of those we love. Caregivers, professionals, need to listen to us.

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