Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Stray Animals

Fallow Deer Reserve has been having some difficulties. You cannot legislate consideration, decency, compassion and good sense. Vandals and pranks are worse. The stories of animal abuse and puppy mills break my heart. Our cats were bought in big box stores, from Humane Society outlets within the stores. It is an excellent practice with subsidized spaying and neutering.

I read with interest Travis' story about his neighbour's dog. I can identify with neighbours who cannot take responsibility for their animals.
I have a similar story - and a solution. But another story first.

I recall the night the neighbour's horses got out on the road. There was an accident as a compact car hit them, and the (female!) OPP officer was terrific as she dealt with the family. I was furious as the mom sent a kid over to get me to help her. She was a nurse, and her physician husband was away that evening. The (female!) emergency veterinarian was terrific, too. The blood on the beast was horrible as the impact ripped off a flap of skin the size of a dinner plate. What a ridiculously preventable accident. The driver of the car was shaken but the horses were fine. Likely, one of their 5 children, who weren't the most responsible of kids, had left the paddock door open.

Their dogs, who ran loose a lot, came over to our property. I had repeatedly taken one dog back to their house, on a rope, suggesting they keep it tied up. I warned them that the next time I would take it to the pound.

It happened again, of course. I took the dog to the Humane Society where they had to pay $200 to get it out of hock!

The wasn't the last time, however. The last straw was when the dog knocked my son down and stole the ice cream cone he had earned as a treat. I was so upset. I took the animal back and this time the bill at the shelter was doubled. The Humane Society explained this to me, sort of an escalating fee. Mistakes can happen, but this was stupidity (the active pursuit of ignorance).

These were city folks living on a hobby farm with no clue as to life in the country with animals. I was grateful to move away from them. The father lost his licence to practice, due to abusing female patients. Glad it is over!

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Junosmom said...

Well, living on a hobby farm with horses and kids, and learning to deal with both, I will say that sometimes, things happen when it comes to horses. We have put in place many safeguards (gates across our driveway, etc) to keep accidents from happening and horses from escaping. We've not had an escapee in awhile. The last time we did have a mini escape was my fault, and she was hit by a car - thankfully okay as were the car occupants, but the car had damage. Why? A combination of several people doing several things, myself distracted and the wrong gate open. Especially with kids, things happen. Letting dogs roam though? Not much sympathy with that.