Wednesday, 3 December 2008

man-in-the-street 'news'

My concern is this:
Much media spends too much time asking for viewer feedback, and not enough time talking to experts and finding out opinions and information from these people. If viewers have questions, then that is fair enough, but to go on and on based on their personal opinions IS NOT NEWS. They are opinions. If I wanted to hear man-in-the-street opinions I would listen to talk radio shows.

TV media spend much more time on how people feel about stories, than reporting news and information. They (and I mean reporters) harass victims and neighbours of victims, to figure out what they feel, and to cast either disparaging comments about the alleged perpetrators of crimes. THIS IS NOT NEWS.

I want to listen and read about information, data, events and not what pundits THINK will happen, what they THINK the budget will contain, what the THINK the outcome will be of a trial, a vote in parliament or a police investigation. Regarding the proposed coalition government: I want to know the Governor General's options, the impact, and the options of the Prime Minister, but please don't ask everybody and her brother what they think. At this point they don't have a vote! I prefer to read or listen to those the media have chosen to print an editorial. I believe it will not contain misinformation, while it will be biased, I can judge that for myself.

Please, please: report the news, find information on the topic, tell me what is happening on town and city streets, Ontario, Canada and the world. But don't explore the Neverneverland of 'What Ifs', opinions and false and intolerant citizens. Find people you know who have the background, the research, the knowledge skills and expertise to interpret and understand what is going on in Canada.

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