Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Post #8 Crofton's Pulp and Paper Mill near Duncan, B.C.

As we drove to see the ferry, we spotted quite a bit of pulp! The operation is quite visible from the ferry, but otherwise not from the road. It was able to take some photos from the view on the ferry.

It is quite the operation. This is the Catalyst Crofton Plant. It employs 575 people, which is fabulous for Vancouver Island.  They manufacture newsprint and kraft pulp for printing, writing and tissue paper.
Those in town talk about the smell from the plant. We didn't smell a thing at the time but we took our trip on Sunday. I suppose we were fortunate!

 Catalyst’s Crofton Division is located in a vibrant area on the Southeast Coast of Vancouver island in the Cowichan Valley, near Duncan. With about 575 employees, this division plays an important role in the cultural, social and economic health of this community. Crofton began operation in 1957 as a single-line kraft pulp mill. Today, two paper machines and two pulp machines have a capacity of 677,000 tonnes of product each year. 

Newsprint:270,000 tonnes
Directory:57,000 tonnes
NBSK Pulp:350,000 tonnes
Paper Machines:2
Pulp Machines:2

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Anonymous said...

Pulp? I think you photographed sawdust. Pulp would never be left exposed to the elements.