Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Post #7 We drove around Salt Spring Island!

What a view this must be!
What a wonderful time I had on this island. Caitlin is an experienced traveler and it was fun sharing mother/daughter time. Normally, the kids go camping and I visited them last year. But I have not been camping. Ever! My parents scrimped and saved in order to buy land in Muskoka in 1960 ($2000!) and we cottaged in Bala, Muskoka for 50 years.

This is the quirkiest, most interesting island. Lots of fun, interesting people and quite a few artisans selling goods and providing services.
Rising up out of the water, with huge mountains, and multi-million dollar homes, it is quite the spot to be.
Check out the stairway!

We visited the town, did some shopping, then had an indulgent lunch beside the marina. Planes would come and go, as well as the odd boat! It was a cool, cloudy day, with a bit of humidity. The heater on the patio was wonderful!
We shopped will we dropped, finding souvenirs and 'Close Eyes' for our respective families.
Beautiful shrubs, lovely streets

"Death before decaf!"
I loved his beard!
He was doing Soduku.

We climbed the hill to explore some of the shops.
They have a brochure for all of the artisan workshops
in the town.

Don't you love this outfit?!

Bird houses from weathered wood.
Long walk, long pier!
We took a long walk down a pier so that Caitlin could put her fingers in the Pacific Ocean. Her next trip, to Rhode Island, she will do the same on the Atlantic Ocean. She is a wonderful traveler. I have led a much more sheltered life, and we were a great team. We visit each other lots, but seldom travel together. The exception was a week at Bondi Village resort last year.
Off we went, after we shopped and had dropped!

She did it!

The sand, with rocks peeking up

Fernwood Road Cafe
Driftwood signage
Lush gardens!
These buildings were part of a spa
We drove the perimeter of the island

They weren't kidding, either!

Beautiful homes

Farms nestled in and about.
It must be easy to eat locavore!

The next part of our trip, more farms, and BIG gates. There are many who bike on the island. The ferry signage forbids cleats on the ship!

Can you see the house?!
What a view
Typical BC: moss, huge trees, lots of fern
Yes, gates

They seemed disinclined to ride single file!

There were many trucks, and hills. (16% grade)

Vesuvious Cafe - last stop before the ferry


Linda Kittmer said...

It looks like you had a fabulous visit. Salt Spring Island is on my list of places to get to. If for nothing else to shop for fibre art supplies...silk rovings and such!

Christine said...

It looks gorgeous there! So glad you had some mother daughter time.

Kay L. Davies said...

Saltspring has changed since I was there in 1963. I've been to several of the other islands since then, however.
(Wikipedia says it is spelled both ways, and it was alloneword in 1963.
Looks like you had a wonderful time. So happy for you.
Luv, K

Red said...

I can understand why people would want to live there. It's expanded a lot since I was there. they still have the narrow road to go across the island.
Now tell your daughter she has to put her fingers in the Arctic ocean.

Nora at Island Rambles said...

What...you were here and I did not see you ....glad you had a wonderful time and your pics are great!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You know, Red, the kids went to Rhode Island this week! They were there on Canada Day. She planned to dip her fingers there, too!
Thank you, Kay. It was a fantastic mother/daughter trip for me, who doesn't really like travelling!
Nora, I posted on Facebook that I was going away, since hubby was home I didn't worry about the cats and the house. Our schedule was busy, we were there Saturday noon to Tuesday flight at 7:30 a.m., time, we thought was short. Turns out my son had an audition Monday, his dark day, and my brother didn't turn up. Crazy unplanned trip!