Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hurry! Hurray hard!

Round Robin play
We enjoy the curling. Hubby gets out the stats and makes charts.

There are no concussions.
There are no fights.

Until this past week, there are no demonstrations of temper tantrums in curling.

The kittens and cats get involved, too.

He loves the strategy. I love the integrity of curling. They curl against the rocks, the ice, and not so much one another.

The fans are fun, for the most part. Like tennis, there is a gentility to it. Until this past week.

Until last Saturday. There was a large crowd. They were down to the final round-robin. There was beer and fans used to hockey and the jeering that results.

The posts were a sad statement of affairs.

Crowd booing, people yelling obscene remarks about players, with their family members sitting in the audience in front of them.
Like tennis, when you are about to shoot or serve, you pause out of respect.

CurlingZone · 6,313 like this.
Saturday at 04:43 ·  Unconfirmed sources at #2013Brier #Curling tonight that had Stoughton missed his last shot, CCA would have allowed a re-throw due to crowd distraction under Section 8, item 6 of CCA Rules of Play.

Saturday at 05:09 via mobile · Like · 7 I think its rather sad and disrespectful when a curling is sitting in the hack and the fans are booing them or taunting them. Edmonton fans were very disrespectful and sounds like most of them drink too much.
Then there was the microphone incident...

Brier teams warned against abusing TV gear

Relaxing with curling! 4 days ago – 2013 Brier: Players warned after TV equipment trashed ... restitution was in fact paid; the player and team – and all the teams – were warned ... receiver and threw the equipment against a rink board, causing an estimated $4,000 in damage. ... which includes a warning for a first offence of “verbal abuse” or .


Kay L. Davies said...

It's funny how everyone is so different, Jenn. I just can't stand it when my husband is watching curling on TV because the yelling goes right through my head like an axe. The horrible, harsh sound of the "hurry hard" even hurts my heart.
My grandmother used to curl, back in the days when they used what looked like old-fashioned corn brooms, and my grandmother would never have let herself be caught yelling in public. I don't even remember her yelling in private.
I'm glad you and your husband enjoy watching it, though, because the kittens seem to love it!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Truly, we often turn off the sound! :-)

stardust said...

Hi, Jennifer! I hadn’t known about curling till I got to know it by Japan Women’s Curling team in the Winter Olympics. Curling is rarely on TV here. Your photos are really fun to see. Thanks for your visit and a lovely comment.


W.C.Camp said...

I like curling too but it looks more fun to DO than watch. I used to love shuffleboard on ships or at resorts - too bad this sport is not more popular. W.C.C.

W.C.Camp said...

I like curling too! I think it would be more fun to do than watch though. I used to play shuffleboard on ships or at resorts and always enjoyed it but could never imagine getting so frustrated as to throw stuff or cuss over it? W.C.C.