Friday, 15 March 2013

Support your local musicians!

Brea Lawrenson
Yes, we do.

Support our local folks. We write of the brain drain, but the talent drain, whereby Canadian artists go south and become famous, but lose their sense of their roots. Yes, they make the big bucks, but the USA Media influence on Canada is horrible. My former neighbour, Marc Jordan, who married Amy Sky, seldom visits Canada. You cannot tell he is Canadian.

Unlike CBC, especially @CBCRadioQ, which is trying to take the Canadian out of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC),
I believe in rewarding Canadians who remain in Canada.

Jian Ghomeshi's infamous interview with Billy Bob Thornton was a perfect case in fact. An arrogant man, who drew listeners, but took up the time a Canadian musician might need to share his music, Thornton was rude and obnoxious.

Brea's supportive family at O'Reilly's Pub!
Today, as I write this, Ghomeshi is featuring a fabulous American actor, Timothy Olyphant, of Justified, who really doesn't need any Canadian marketing!

Does it ever make me mad. Canadian taxpayers support CBC, and they are going after the US market. They are putting out Q to suck in the US market.
The marketing machine in the US toddles on well on its own.

One of my heroes is Stompin' Tom Connors who refused to go to the dark side. featured him. Nov 23, 2012 — Campaign: The CBC We Want
Canadians from across the country tell the CRTC what kind of CBC they want.
We have many, many Canadian musicians who have not gone to the dark side, and taken their knowledge, skills, talents to the south, where they lose that very thing that makes them Canadian.
Brea Lawrenson

 Our local pub, O'Reilly's, which usually features Brock Zeman on Tuesdays, had a young lady in doing covers of many great songs. A fine, melifuous voice.

Brea Lawrenson
As back-up she has Keith Glass on her CD. Another local man who continues to nurture your young talent.

This is the CD I bought! Somewhere To Go.

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