Monday, 9 July 2012

Remember innocent Fred?

Poor Fred.

Felix and Buster have been badgering Fred. 'Scuse the pun.
They will disappear for hours, and suddenly Fred appears, followed by the boys in careful pursuit. Not hot pursuit. I now know why!
I ambled down to the dryland, used to be a wetland, but it's pretty dry. Neither cat followed. This is unusual, but Fred is more exciting than Mommy!

Fred! Where are you?
I approached. I thought I would go behind Fred, as the cats had lost him, and were off to the left. You know you can herd animals by swerving in behind them and encouraging them to go right!

Not Fred.
He stood his ground.
I was so shocked, and wished I'd had the videocam on. He came at me! Really! Clicking is teeth. Making a big noise.

You can't see me!
He was clicking his big teeth, trying to scare me. I don't blame him, considering his size and my size, but he ran at me!

He's not rabid, I don't think, just scared silly.

He ran at me, and I didn't scream like a girl. I was proud of that, but I did back up!

He ran at me!
He rook off into the forest, still clacking his teeth.
He made way too much noise, though, as Felix followed.

Thankfully, he got away and both both boys came in for the night.


Laura said...

oh my! what a story! I'm glad everyone is ok!

laurie said...

the adventures of Fred, hopefully he makes a hasty retreat again and doesn't become dinner!

TexWisGirl said...


Red said...

I'd back up too. These fellows can be nasty critters.