Sunday, 8 July 2012

Goldfish pond - making progress

My fishtank, with cat on top!
It is for sale!

We have adopted more goldfish. They needed a home and we had the space in our 700 gallon pond!

In the meantime, things are going along swimmingly in my outdoor pond.

Shirley 2 has been happily swimming along.
She is the one with the white and orange stripes.
Any of the others are up for grabs. If you can grab them! We might keep a couple. But they are free to a good home!

They are between 4" and 5" long.
Water plants provide protection outdoors
Shirley upper right!
Busy little things, who love dancing in the fountain water.

They do travel together!

Wee wood frog

Two frogs sit on the ledge
- with spewing frog in the foreground!

Jeremiah Bullfrog
Things are hopping. We have new guests: Jeremiah Bullfrog, and a medium and a large Leopard Frog. 

The ponds have dried up, and the wetlands are at Mid-August lows. The frogs have come for the water!

I have repaired holes in the liner, no thanks to the field mouse who lives on my front lawn. There are still holes I haven't found. Maybe on another hot August day I'll do some more work!!!

Blue-fin Sunfish at MPP Visitor Centre in fish tank
Wee minnows!
No Sunfish in our pond. But little minnows the length of a fingernail.


Kay said...

That is such a lovely, cool looking pond.

Christine said...

what a lovely pond Jenn! My friend has a pond in the city and I was amazed they live through the winter as the pond is only about 4 feet deep!

EG CameraGirl said...

What a neat project! I wonder how big your goldfish will get.

DUTA said...

The goldfish are an important addition to the pond. You seem to care for them and for the frogs as one would care for any other pet; you name them (Shirley 2, Jeremiah Bullfrog..).

Terrific pictures!

Red said...

A good pond like this must provide hours of entertainment.