September 2021

  🌧September 2021🌦

 For annual❄️WEATHER DATA

September 22 – there were power outages.

September 21 – in for trouble


September 14 – at 6:30 p.m. things were rolling in: 16.5 mm.

September 8 – Major overnight storm: winds, rain, hail in southern Ontario
This professional photographer (Scott Rock) managedan amazing panorama.
Also, a video of  Kingsbridge📹, with a possible tornado.
Lucknow was hard hit.

September 6 – rail, hail in Ottawa

September 2

Charlottetown had a bit of a mess. See this tweet for photos of knee-deep water.

Nova Scotia was hit with 100+ mm rain. 
Updated rainfall totals as of 2pm. Brier Island, NS: 121 mm Grand Manan, NB: 94 mm Saint John, NB: 77 mm Mechanic Settlement, NB: 62 mm Kejimkujik, NS: 60 mm Kentville, NS: 53 mm Nappan, NS: 45 mm Greenwood, NS: 40 mm #nsstorm #nbstorm

September 1

We began with Hurricane Ida, who morphed into a tropical storm, then tropical depression, and brought New York heavy rains, as well as Louisiana and parts in the south of the US. We only had some clouds.

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