NaPoWriMo 2016

Prompts for 2016
It's Napowrimo – national poetry writing month!
I'm not sure if I can keep up with this, but it is NaPoWriMo 2016! I didn't participate in 2015, I did in 2014 and in 2013.   I created poems for NaPoWro 2010 - not as faithfully as in 2009 (National Poetry Writing Month 2009). This year's prompts seem to be more topical, than having us work with particular forms. I like the challenge of a particular rhyme scheme and framework. 
We'll see how this goes! 

Yes, I'm running behind. It's a journey, not a race!

Day  1 – American Lune
Day  2 – Family Portrait
Day  3 – fan letter
This: 1 of my fave books!
Here are more.
Day  4 – April the cruelest month
Day  5 – Seeds
Day  6 – Food
Day  7 – Titrina
Day  8 – Flowers
Day   9 – Note to Self
Day 10 – Song titles
Day  11 – On Golden Pond
Day 12 – Indicies
Day 13 – Good Fortune
Day 14 – San San
Day 15 – Doubles
Day 16  – Almanac Questionairre
Day 17 – To Do List
Day 18 – The Sound of Home
Day 19 – How To Poem
Day 20 – Eulogy
Day 21 – Fairy Tale
Day 22 – Earth Day Pseudoku
Day 23 – sonnet
Day 24 – Project
Day 25
Day 26 – snowy day
Day 27 – poetic prompt
Day 28 – forest walkies
Day 29 – I remember
Day 30 – limerick

Alliteration's artful aid–
That is what the poet said:
"Sing a song of silliness":
"King and queen and court caress":
"Babies blow bubbles in a box":
"Seagulls sing when sewing socks":
"Down the drain the donkeys dive":
"Lions leap on lambs alive":
See? You needn't be a great
Genius to alliterate.
     –Willard R. Espy (From Words to Rhyme With - 1986)

Writing Poetry - more info
A few poetry forms...

Alphabet Poetry Lune
Anaphora Occasional Poems
Cinquain Odes
Ottava rima
Curtal Sonnet Pantoum
Elegy Parody Poems
Ekphrastic  Rondeau
Epitaphs Rubaiyat
Fibonacci Poetry The Roundabout
Found Poetry Sestina
Haiku Shadorma
Kennings Terza Rima
Kyrielle Triolet
Limericks Pseudoku
List Poems Quintain

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