Wednesday, 6 April 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Food

Day 6 Prompt
A challenge to write a poem about food. You'll note I'm writing as they come to me. Sorry for cluttering your bandwidth! It's good therapy!
dad baked up a storm
in the good old days
Ray Jilks (1925 – 2007)


for the soul
comfort food
old family recipes
written in my late mother's script
disciplined cursive writing
a gift to my husband
chilli's richness warms me all afternoon
sustenance for mind, body and soul

Sunday roast beef
Dad's Yorkshire pudding
glowing in the oven
his warm arms carry me
even as I carried him
through his death and dying
sustenance for mind, body and soul

Sunday night popcorn
explodes in the kitchen
while Disney's stars
explode on screen
sustenance for mind, body and soul
Nanny AKA Anne Butt (1888 – 1978)

far back in time
Nanny basting her turkey
safe in the bosom of her extended family
now a discomforting thought
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter
the experience visceral in my memory
sustenance for mind, body and soul

smell the bread baking
daddy having kneaded it
we all needed it to fill holiday spirits
it's goodness fills my heart
Chelsea ring
sticky buns
coffee cake
sustenance for mind, body and soul

The last supper in 2005
the last supper
mom and dad prepare our meal
such delicious memories
fresh in my mind
the food may change
but the traditions remain the same
sustenance for mind, body and soul

these memories sustain me
even as traditions change
the menu changes
the love remains

Every Sunday night:
Disney and popcorn!


Charlene Delfin said...

It's so beautiful ... :')

William Kendall said...

Now I'm hungry.

Judy said...

What a comforting poem that catches how special family recipes/meals can be! The years go by, and yet, you can remember a special meal so well, as if it was yesterday....

Powell River Books said...

A lot of my family memories involve holidays and food. - Margy

Red said...

Great poem that brings back good memories and good times when you were young and secure in your parents care.