AUGUST 2020 ⛈

🌧August Precipitation🌦

August has been a very wet month compared to the last few years.

Aug. 30

Aug. 29

Aug. 27

Then, there were the two tropical storms in the US.

Aug. 23

Two tropical storms to the south

Aug. 18

Aug. 17
 That was quite a day! A storm rolled into eastern Ontario. Ottawa was hard hit. We had several storm warnings. How much rain did we get? Nothing!

This storm cell rolled on into and right across the region. Lots of lightning.

Speaking of a storm...
Aug. 17

Granddaughter Josephine was quite pleased they named a tropical storm after her!

Aug. 16
We've had some lovely days at the beach, but could use rain.Gramma Camp Tuesday, Aug. 11

Aug. 10
There was a heat warning.

Aug. 9
I went to bed expecting a nice rain, it does peter out as it crosses the land. How disappointing!

Aug. 8
There looked to be a massive storm on the way! There were many, many lightning strikes.
Aug. 4 – Isaias on his way

Aug. 2

August 2
 The lightning strikes were worst east of Lake Simcoe, going north.

 The storm was south of us.

August began with Hurricane Isaias headed for the continent.🌩

AUGUST         rainfall

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