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September 13 Xcalibur air flight 

May 31st

I could hear something off in the distance. It was a Bell 407 (TG0409). 

 We had a helicopter go over the nearby lake. It is always a bit creepy since I associate them with emergencies. I asked on Facebook, and they are spraying BTK on the caterpillars. I hope all our butterflies and caterpillars are safe here. They were up about an hour. Our LDD Spongy Moth caterpillars have mostly died off. After a couple of years they get hit by a naturally occuring virus.

July 9

July 10

 Ornge owns a fleet of aircraft and land ambulances operating out of 12 bases across Ontario. Vehicles in the fleet include:
  •   8 Pilatus Next Generation PC-12 airplanes,
  • 12 Leonardo AW-139 helicopters, and
  • 13 Crestline Commander land ambulances.

Sept.  https://vimeo.com/459906061



Remembrance Day air traffic

Oct. 17

 Oct. 4

Helicopter on patrol? Oct. 3rd, Saturday afternoon.

Oct. 3rd, 2:46 p.m.


Sept. 28


This is an expensive helicopter, which takes rich cottagers to their vacation homes.

I love watching the 
helicopter from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

A strange flight

A mystery: the helicopter took off in the morning, Aug. 10.

I think I figured it out!

Aug. 8
This was exciting. I noticed a helicopter on the radar. It flew from Ottawa Airport, to Smiths Falls, and then shut off. It says it was headed to Kingston.

Nov. 28, 2021 – a cloudy day, but I could hear its roar.

Dec. 3 – helicopter from Perth hospital to near Tincap.

Flight history...

Fort Bragg helicopters

Dec. 15, 2021

Incident with a transport near Pembroke...

Dec. 24 – Sander Geophysics

They were back at it, in January 4th, flying around and around. I emailed the company doing the airplane flyovers, and someone got back to me. It was a bit creepy until I figured them out. 

Thanks for reaching out.  I am sorry that our flights made you uncomfortable.  We were conducting a magnetic survey for research purposes, which involved flying patterns at various altitudes, and it sounds like you were located near one of the patterns that was repeated several times...The aircraft you saw is equipped with magnetometers that measure the earth's naturally occurring magnetic field.  These sensors are completely passive and do not emit anything.

I emailed him back and thanked him for getting back to me. Puzzle solved. 

March 26, 2022

April 22 – two helicopters went over. Nothing on the radar. Two men appear lost, with searches going on near Sault St. Marie. They were headed from there to Alberta.
The RCAF, etc.

A vehicle and a motorcycle. Another motorcycle incident in Ottawa that day, too.

July 1st

July 10th

I was watching the skies, feet up and reading on the back deck. A helicopter went over us on Saturday afternoon. It was headed to Napanee for an emergency, I found out on Twitter. The Ornge EMS helicopter headed from Ottawa to go to the scene of a vehicle/tractor crash which resulted in a fire.

The helicopter was called off, there was a convoy of emergency vehicles and victims were taken to Kingston hospital. The helicopter headed back to our neck of the woods for a fatal motorcycle crash on highway #511. The highway was closed, as emergency crews did their work. It was the second motorcycle fatality, there was one in Ottawa.

July 12
A plane went overhead. I wondered where it was headed and if it missed the storm.

July 22

July 29

August 14


I was out with the cat, August 20th, in the morning, and CFZZR went right over my head. I could read the call sign.

This guy doesn't have a call sign!


This one went over to Montreal and came back. I missed it both times!

Oct. 7

Feb. 10

C-GLDD – Smiths Falls Airport

April 20

May 10:

June 17, 8 p.m., 2023, 

June 19, 11:30 a.m.

Someone was taken from Smiths Falls to another hospital.

An Ornge emergency helicopter, went from Ottawa to Pembroke Hospital, and back to Ottawa.

July 12

July 18

July 26

bi plane video

Sept. 4th

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