Tuesday 5 December 2023

❄️ A Sunday storm ☃️

❄️ SUNDAY☃️  First, there was 9mm of rain, then it began to get colder. Ice accretion was the difficulty Monday. It is now buried under several cm of snow. And it kept snowing.

Our power flickered off and then on. There was a small outage, quickly fixed.

The icicles on the feeders looked pretty. The tree branches, not so much.

Then the snow began... They just kept drooping more and more.

❄️ Monday morning ☃️ 
We had some snow. It weighed down the branches, sticking to the ice coated branches. I do have my spiffy red boots with cleats, but the ground was warmer than the trees and it was just sludge. 

First I shoveled the sidewalk. It wasn't slippery, but the snow stuck to slush and it was heavy. Next, using the snowblower on the driveway to clear a path to haul out the garbage all was good. Next, I put out garbage. It was coffee and breakfast and I tackled the rest of the driveway.

The oak trees still have leaves, and they are weighed down with ice and sticky snow.

All the bushes lean heavily.

And those beautiful white pines... Cross your fingers for us. We spent several thousand dollars having them cleaned up with breakage from last December's storm. Then another ice storm happened in April – three days after that mess was cleaned up. I worked on it cleaning it up myself, from December to about February, when I gave up and we called in the professionals. There were broken branches high up.

The bird bath is hanging in, icicles dripping and frozen.

Joseph Brian went out for a walk. It was getting worse. 

There he is in the back 40, doing his morning walk. He took photos for me.

It snowed all day. It's 6 a.m., and I can't see any more damage in the dark. I'd love a sunny day. We need to burn off the snow and ice. 


eileeninmd said...


It all looks so pretty, except for the shoveling.

The snow covered trees are my favorites. Take care, enjoy your day!

Elephant's Child said...

I hope that you don't get any more damage.

Barbara Rogers said...

It's beautiful from an aesthetic point of view...and I appreciate seeing your trees bedecked with snow. However, I can hear your concerns also. I do hope the trees aren't damaged. So glad you have snowblower to ...get the trash out!

Anvilcloud said...

Well, today won't be the sunny that you hope for. Trees are still looking good out there, even if it is bad for them.

Olga said...

Looks so icy. Don't miss it so much!

Karen said...

I'm sorry you folks got so much icy to start the mess all over again.

Divers and Sundry said...

Brrr!!! Ice is beautiful, but no fun to play in or be out in at all. I hope the trees don't suffer too much.

Red said...

Nature will do what it wants to do. I hope you stay safe and warm. I hate shoveling wet snow.

RedPat said...

It looks beautiful but is no fun. Hope the trees are okay.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hope you didn't end up with too much damage. I hate ice storms, especially those that stick and knock down branches and power lines.

Years ago we had a really bad one. We didn't lose power but we had a couple of bradford pears in the front yard that were weighted down. Being the engineer that I am I decided to go out there with a mop stick. So despite being made fun of I went out there and beat the branches thoroughly with my stick and you know as I knocked the ice off the branches went back to normal. I had to do it a couple of times but were one of the few people that didn't lose their trees.

Wouldn't work of course on trees that are of any size.

DeniseinVA said...

A winter wonderland! Looks beautiful but can cause such havoc. I hope your trees are okay.

MARY G said...

Yes, the beauty pays for a lot. Did you catch the bit of sun on the icy branches that lasted a half hour or so this afternoon? JG spent the last two days getting the tractor chains in place. Ah, winter in Lanark. Such fun. But, so beautiful. You have some nice shots there.

Cloudia said...

Brrr! So exotic to me!


Jeanie said...

wow - that snow looks heavy. I hate it when it rains first and freezes so there's that layer of ice underneath. (That's how Rick broke his leg a few years ago, so be careful!)