Friday 10 June 2022

Paint Party Friday

I miss Paint Party Friday. Some bloggers burn out, get bored or too busy, or move on, which is what one expects. I've met some lovely people (virtually) through this PPF artistic blog. Rain has been an inspiration with her Thursday's Art Date, living remotely as she does, she sketches, makes cheese, grows her own veggies (I have so failed at that recently), and teaches people what she knows.  

We took a drive last week. I spotted this little barn. 

First stab at it.

I was similarly inspired by Landscape Artist of the Year, created by BBC. We've been watching them at dinner time, as we settle into the evening. As I researched this, I found there is a Canadian version
Anyway, I finally managed to sit down and sketch. I am happy with myself.

Now, you may wonder what we retirees need to relax from... watching relaxing art shows. The news is discouraging, of course. We are feeling like hermits, but I'm happy with that. We still do not feel comfortable eating indoors in a restaurant, and will continue to mask. This thing isn't done. 

What else weighs us down? We've switched banks, and it's taken a month to get that going and convert things over. I've been banging my head on the wall trying to get this done, having dealt with CRA tax issues – I was triggered by the whole process. I was in no state of mind to do it a few months ago. I worked so hard on this online, it almost defeated me, but the CRA stuff is settled and our medical deductions were finally accepted for 2020. 

We felt that we would get better benefits from a new bank. I've made progress, having managed to switch over my CPP and OAS automatic payments to the new bank account, as the government web site won't allow this right now. 

JB went into the local federal government office to switch over his CPP and OAS to the new account. This was our last resort. A big, burly security guard (there were 2 of them, and 2 employees) asked his purpose in the foyer of the local, and he stated his goal. He sat and waited for service. All was done by a clerk who lives just down the road from us. Yea small towns!

Anyway, JB headed home after picking up some groceries, looking for the snapping turtle he'd seen at the side of the road on the way in to town. It was still there. Traffic was brisk, he was brave and he guarded it, trying to get people to avoid it, hoping for help. He cannot bend and lift with his back issues. They were heroes. Look for the helpers, said Mr. Rogers. 

Snapping turtle heroes!.mp4 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Finally, speaking of paintings: Caitlin was in Toronto for a two-day work conference. She was meant to get on the 18:10 flight back to Ottawa last night. The flight prior to theirs didn't leave until 18:45, nearly 2 hours late. The incoming plane, the one she was to get on, didn't arrive until 19:40. They cleaned it up, they boarded, and waited for take off. The thunderstorm rolled in! Another delay.

They had to wait, for safety reasons. The sky was a painting. They finally left at 21:00 hours, only three hours late. We were all watching her progress, texting back and forth. She was happy to get home, having done some great networking, and socializing with folks she either hasn't seen in years, or on on Zoom!

Have a wonderful weekend, all! 


Tom said...

...great subject for your painting.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh yes, Jenn, I have missed seeing your artwork too! Love that barn and bug... and big smoochies to Joe the Turtle Guardian!!! (and helpers). YAMxx

Olga said...

Glad you got inspired to sketch again.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good to see you drawing/painting. Creative efforts of any kind are always to be commended (in my lifebook of judgements at least). So glad Mr. or Mrs. Turtle had help. I'm also going through changing banks, and found some places responded better to on line changes, if I could find the right screen...and some were terrible on the phone. My least favorite was so bad the CSR finally said I should go to my bank in person and bring someone else with me! (As if I were demented!) I am glad I'm leaving that bank! Now just a few more to take care of...payments being automatic are no fun in the long run!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi there, thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. Kudos to the men who helped move the turtle out of danger. We saw one once at the farm and watched it move off the road and into the woods safely out of harm, thankfully without having to touch it.
Kudos to you as well for sketching...creative pursuits are good for our brains!

RedPat said...

I have no energy for dealing with the gov't or banks. I'm impressed that you did.

Fundy Blue said...

I hear you on Covid, Jennifer! I'm still masking a lot too. Your sketch of the barn is really cute, and I love that purple alien waving at anyone looking at the picture. Take care!

Jeanie said...

I'll have to check out Landscape Artist of the Year! I'd like that. And you're right -- that sky is a painting, too.

It's been tough for us here, too. I'm finally off the three antibiotics but still very tired. And then Rick got Covid. We always mask, he's vaxxed (as am I) -- and we have no idea where he got it. It's getting very old. Hang in there with all your stuff -- I hate dealing with bureaucracy.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think my middle name is "catch-up," because that is what I am trying to do after having four electrical outages in 3 days due to a lightening strike the electric company is having trouble fixing. I know I have missed SO much and will never catch uop to everything you do because you are so prolific in your posts.

That is a darling barn. You are a great artist and have a real sense of perspective.

I'm with you on masking. I will remove my mask when the very last person no longer has Covid. Or when Covid has been declared GONE. Numbers in the states are rising, too.

How nice that the turtle got helping hands.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I love your barn and your little alien farmer (LOL). You are wise to be cautious about Covid. I go to the store and I am the only one wearing a mask and yet, I have friends and relatives who are coming down with it still. If you are anywhere near our age, you really can't afford to take chances.
Oh please, don't talk about switching banks ... we went through that when we moved and we are still having problems (4 years now). In fact we still have one account in our old bank because it was too much of a hassle to change it. Hooray for JB for protecting the Turtle. I have seen people drive out of their way to hit wildlife on the road ... Makes me sooooo angry. I would like to run them off the road, but I don't I just feel bad about it. The picture at the airport is really beautiful. Waiting is no fun, but maybe worth it to get that shot :) Enjoyed my visit with you today. Hope to see you again soon ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

William Kendall said...

I remember the feistiness of a snapper in Algonquin

Gaelyn said...

Yea for the turtle heroes. That a big snapper.

Rain said...

Jenn, that video just warmed my heart so much!! ♥♥♥
I love your sketch!! And I didn't know about that tv show!! I don't have television, but I'm going to see if I can find it somewhere else! Retirement doesn't guarantee a stress free life!!!