Tuesday 14 December 2021

That was a wind!

We were relatively unscathed by the wind storm Sat., Dec. 11th. 

The bears tipped a bit, but they are tied to the railing. I stood Momma Bear up.  No damage.

Cinnamon and I took off. First he spotted the black squirrel, and that kept his attention for a bit. 

I wandered down to the fencing, dropping my trailcam memory cards, to check out my new ribbons. They are fraying. I wonder what I can do about that. They were all there, though, that is a bonus.

Two dead sumacs went over. I cut them up in order to be able to lift them, and threw them onto the long grass. They are suffering.

The poor elm lost another branch.  It was a beautiful tree [Ode to an elm], and housed several bird families. Branches are falling off one-by-one. It landed on the grassy field, and I need not worry about it.

There are quite a few branches down, and Cinnamon and I did an inspection. The 12.5 mm of rain sat on the top of the frog pond ice, and will melt at some point. This is to be a milder week. Cinnamon knew not to walk on it!

Cinn likes the leaning tree branches!

 The force of the wind is amazing. This horizontal birch tree trunk has dirt on the end. It must have bounced up. The other one does, as well. I went back and cut up enough that I could move it off the trail. 

We kept inspecting!

I took my skilsaw down to the forest. I did some work, but the wind was still bad, and I thought I'd stop. This is a non-mental note to cut up this tree on the point. (Taken care of Monday afternoon, after a hearty lunch!)

I might just leave this fallen tree. It's not on a trail. The piece that remained is pretty interesting. 

Heading back to the house, Cinnamon was tired. The bear, upper left in the photo, was blown right off the cupboard, as well as the tree man, on the step beside Cinn.

There are a few outages nearby. We were close! For those of us getting up in the night, we like our night lights! From 195,956 without power in Ontario, they have made major repairs, and only have 77,000 more households to go as I write this Monday morning. This morning, Tuesday, only 26,459 to go. The rural areas take the longest. 
Hydro-Quebec restored service to about 330,000 customers, with 80% of customers affected by the storm.

This doesn't compare to the horrific tornadoes in the US. Such a disaster. In B.C. they are slowly rebuilding highways from the flooding


It just poured rain on Saturday, followed by wind. 


Tom said...

...the tree companies sure are busy here!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Think of it as Mama bear protecting her baby in the storm! Glad she is safe.

Since you have the land and trees that are not on a trail, leaving them where they fall is a good thing. They will slowly decay, creating different creatures and housing others. Then they will enrich the earth.

So glad you are safe, and have managed to take care of the problems caused by the winds. Have a super week, Jenn.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Seems we are all faced with such storms as a regular winter feature now... like wildfires in summer. Glad you are safe, if busy! Regarding the ribbons - I have a vague memory of using clear nail varnish on the ends of bows to prevent fraying... YAM xx

Anvilcloud said...

Our wobbly fence withstood the onslaught. Not much snow to be seen in your pics. We still have snow where it was mounded by clearing. That will stay for the duration now.

RedPat said...

It is a beautiful day today after all that wind and rain! You sure are busy.

Red said...

You had a major storm (wind) to blow down trees and blow off branches. Glad you're safe.

William Kendall said...

No power outage here, but I heard the howling that night for hours.

Jeanie said...

It sounds like you got quite the storm and a good deal of downed trees on the woods but I'm glad nothing serious on top of your home!