Tuesday, 7 December 2021

That was a storm!

Saturday, Cinnamon and I went walkies on lot #3. The wetland is cold, and frozen!

There are lots of holes in the ground. I spotted two frozen frogs who may have sought shelter in the holes. 

He is a serious looking fellow! He was mushing the branch.

Monday morning, at 2 a.m. it was - 2C., I thought about a strategy for shoveling. Having a bout of coughing, I fetched some water and could see the snow had fallen, as predicted. By 4 a.m. it was 0 C. (freezing point), and temperature was rising. I was listening to the radio, trying to dull my mind. They launched in with a CBC Ideas program on the torture in Guantanamo. I gave up. Back to podcasts.

I was awake from 2 - 5:00 a.m., I konked out by 5:30, then woke up at 6:30 in time to do the driveway, and put out garbage.  Well, we had 8 cm  snow overnight, with rain following, and 8 C. temperatures. It was a mess. The lovely, new, flat driveway was easy to plough. What a difference! By 8:30 it was 5 C.  I sat and had my coffee, enjoying every drop. 

The snowplough piled it up at the end of the driveway, but I got rid of it! It was beginning to get slushy, and when that happens it just clogs up the auger. I hurried to finish, as JB brought me water.

There must be a smarter way to do this, but without a pen and paper to figure it out, my brain is full! Do you have a strategy for clearing out? I think I just plowed along making it up as I go!  😝

A bit of a shock! Just not good for photos, we've had clouds for what seems like ages!

JB went walkies and trod a path. The driveway was beginning to melt. 

After this, the rain fell and temperatures rose to 8 C. at its peak. We get a lot of precipitation at this time of year. Overnight it went down to -7 C., I'm glad I cleared it out. JB likes his charts and graphs, here is December over the years!

I shall have to do something about the eavestrough.


Tom said...

...last night I thought that we were going to blow away!

Anvilcloud said...

My word for it is/was Yucky.

DUTA said...

The cat on the branch is a cute sight! Take care of the coughing!.

RedPat said...

I often listen to CBC in the middle of the night and hope that it puts me to sleep which it usually does.

Nancy J said...

Thank goodness for your sealed driveway. The eaves and spouting, ours cannot cope with torrential rain either, can you get someone to check and see if it is jammed with leaves?? Those cats, they love the walks, summer or freezing winter!!!

Red said...

So heavy wet snow. It's not nice stuff at all.

Bindu said...

It was a windy day yesterday in Toronto. Lucky, got a ride from the subway to home after work!

William Kendall said...

Yes, that system left quite a mess.

Jeanie said...

What a mess. I hope clean-up isn't too bad. Cinnamon is becoming quite a star!

Lorrie said...

Those restless nights are not much fun. I can't imagine why CBC would air such a depressing topic in the middle of the night. Can't be much help to insomniacs.