Sunday, 1 August 2021

Fires...from British Columbia to Ontario, and parts south

It's been a terrible season for fires. Heat waves, dry conditions and the snow on the mountains melts.

What I like about our Canadian government is that they show both Canada and the US on information maps. The fires are terrible all over, with dry, hot conditions.  Out west, the weather and climate are very much the same above and below the border.

FIRES Natural Resources Canada

Fires and smoke patterns

We worry about our kids in Vancouver. They've had excessive rain, then drought. With the heat, many have died, and many more are impacted by the fires. Our kids don't have air conditioning, either, as Vancouver residents seldom needed before this. 

In Canada, the fires are having an impact on many First Nation territories, such as Osoyoos. There are so many men and women working to put it out, as well as caring for those who have had to flee their homes.

Provinces are sending extra help, firefighters have gone from Newfoundland and Quebec, and sent to help here in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. 

Mexico and the US have sent firefighters to help support our weary workers. Mexico has sent 100 men and women. Hot and dry conditions, with dry lightning, has sparked the forest. July 17th, Ontario Forest Fires reported that a firefighter had a medical issue, and passed away on the flight to hospital. So sad. Northern CTV News made a mistake sending up a drone near firefighters who have to use the air to fight the fire.  Ontario laws forbid it.
It is illegal to fly a drone within 9 km of an active forest fire. Doing so could interfere with low flying waterbombers or helicopters and endangers the lives of pilots, firefighters and emergency personnel."
 What a terrible time they have, between COVID–19 protocols, as well as the hard work. One firefighter died on the way to hospital, with a medical emergency. So sad.

They have 500 ostriches, which they use for meat, eggs, and oil for therapeutic purposes.  Add to this, that  other farmers have been dropping off animals on their farm.  


Anvilcloud said...

Well, that's a sobering start to the day. I'll have to watch the Osoyoos clips later when people are up. I've been there.

Tom said...

...the fires of hell.

eileeninmd said...


The wildfire are devastating. I hope the area has some much needed rain.
My prayers for everyone affected by these fires. Take care, I hope your family is safe!

DUTA said...

Fires in our region too. We don't usually have rain until November. Who knows, we might have rain earlier this year. After all, climate is changing without asking us where and when questions.

RedPat said...

And some people don't believe in Climate Change! It is such a scary situation out there.

Nancy J said...

I have a friend near Ymir, another near Nelson, all in the fire areas, and our family stayed at Kelowna, some years ago in the winter for a skiing holiday. Tragic, the devastation, the ones who stay to keep animals alive, and those who perish, the smoke and its distinctive smell can travel for many miles. Stay safe Jenn , and JB.

Kay said...

Oh no... not you too? Our west coast is really suffering right now. And now we have a HUGE fire on the Big Island that is threatening communities.

Lowcarb team member said...

The wildfire is just devastating, and it seems many countries are being affected.
Stay safe.

All the best Jan