Sunday, 18 July 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 33.5

 Thursday we eased into the day. Josephine finished a book, and began another!

Grampa suggested we go into town to their regular parking spot. The park was really busy, on this 33 C. day, and we wondered how we would do. We went to the regular parking spot, and this group of 4 were waltzing along the middle of the road! We found a parking spot.

I halted the procession and suggested we do a reverse of the regular trip and Josee was horrified! There is an order to everything and to everything an order.

The garden is lovely. 

I spotted someone taking a photo of the girls from the other shoreline. Of course I took a photo of him! 

Looking down in the water, I yelled to Josephine that I spotted a water snake! She was so excited and they hustled over!
water snake 

It's a pretty river.

Off to their other favourite spot.

Grampa parked himself on his regular bench. Someone donated a bench: "A place for Greg to rest, 2019!"

These fun ladies in pink (below) were stopped in front of the Stewart Park signage, and were talking to a cell phone. "Google, take a selfie in 3 seconds!" I giggled as I walked by. One of them explained that they just figured out they could do this! They had matching outfits, and were a lot of fun.

Off we went for ice cream. I noticed this smart garden!

You'll notice the car on the right, it was running, with the air conditioner on. SIGH. Climate Change?

The band was rehearsing, but JB's friend wasn't there.

We met another gramma who was there with her granddaughter. They decided to take a break from the lake and her husband took her 9-year-old grandson golfing, while grandma and granddaughter went to the park. 

Off to the stone bridge. There were lots of kids swimming!

When we arrived home, I spotted a newly created chrysalis on the front deck, under the overhang, a new monarch!

I've not had many critters on the trailcams, time to move one or two. I did capture Isabelle! IMG_0002  


Regular bedtime, both girls read until I yelled "Teeth and jammies!" Isabelle was already in her jammies. I tucked her in at 9, and toddled on downstairs to tuck Josephine in at 9:20. I was yawning, and about to fall into bed myself. She had a buddy.

 Back upstairs to bed, and I was reading, trying to finish the last few chapters of my library book. I heard a noise, but kept reading. It was Cinnamon, demanding that Isabelle let him into his bedroom. Isabelle popped up, and opened her door, "Cinnamon, what are you doing?" Silly cat. 

Friday was uneventful. Grampa took Jos for a walk at Last Duel Park. Izzy and I chilled. Josephine took over Grampa's wee camera.


eileeninmd said...


Pretty scenes and photos. Your Grandma camps are the best!
Have a great new week!

Tom said...

...I learned years ago that plans were made to changed and that everything doesn't need to be in order.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I second Eileen's comment! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Oh, your summer scenes and flowers. You two amaze me every time there are Camp days, you jam so much into every week they stay, these will be happy and wonderful memories forever. Lovely areas you visit, and how can anyone feel safe when they walk on the road!!!

RedPat said...

You are making such wonderful memories!

Kay said...

Oh my! That was a full day. You guys are the best grandparents ever.

William Kendall said...

Snowball bushes do look pretty.

Lowcarb team member said...

Your Grandma camps are full of fun and fantastic!
Lovely photographs you've shared.

All the best Jan