Sunday, 11 July 2021

Flowers and summer growth

He is getting big, this goldfish.

I'm so happy to see my lilies! 

'Clover' is quite keen on my garden blossoms. (Thank you Yam, you are wonderful at naming them.)
I think I've foiled her! (Spoke too soon, she's been in and eaten the tops of some hostas.)

Clover was keen on watching the cats sitting on the deck. She began hoof stomping to warn them off! I clapped, and chuffed at her, and tried to make her move on. She was reluctant. Those cats bear watching! The cats ignored her.

Brown-eyed Susans!

Robin update

Things are hopping. I can hear both the phoebe and the song sparrows singing again. They must be doing a 2nd brood, as well as the Robins.
There are still three little beaks to fill. I snapped the photo with the door closed. Momma had some lunch for them. I really should wash the glass door. Opening the door, momma hesitated, then flew off. She seems to understand that - door closed = no worries. 

LDD Caterpillars

The LDD caterpiglies have done in my spruce. It pains me to look at it! It's much worse than when it had spruce budworms (2017). The tree is beginning to grow over the bird bath, as well as the goldfish pond. I don't know if I should trim it, or what. 

They've almost all morphed to moths. You can see them flitting all around us. LDD moths  

Many trees are beginning to grow back.  This is one tree in late June [LDD caterpillars –July 1st], Vs. July 9th. 

Some amusement

Soccer and tennis have been fun. We were very proud of our Canadians who made it a good long way in Wimbledon.

I had fun watching the planes last weekend. Airplanes Sunday 

Ya think you had a bad day?! JB went into town and saw this incident coming and going. (We really need to upgrade our dashcam!) incident  


Anvilcloud said...

Those lilies are actual lilies (lilium) as opposed to daylilies (hemerocallis). I like both but don't see a lot of the former.

Tom said...

...bugs sure can bug you!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Clover and the cats. Yep, takes more than that to make them move.

William Kendall said...

I've seen deer do that when cats try stalking them. I have also seen deer walk up quietly to a sleeping cat and sniff them.

Nancy J said...

Clever cats, sit there as Clover is too large for them to be out closer to her. Lovely lilies, and all colours, beautiful by the flags.

The Furry Gnome said...

It's certainly a busy time in the garden!

Cloudia said...

This is so glorious! Ontario Summer is one of life's treasures!

Gaelyn said...

Your yard just keeps getting better, all the flowers are divine.