Friday, 4 June 2021

Repainting and Butch

My goal has been to sand and repaint our exterior framing. After 30 years, and who knows how many layers of paint, it was time. I've been thinking about this task for a year, at least. I'm hoping to be getting out of my funk, but setting and achieving goals has been tough. That, and making decisions. I hope the worst is over, for now. Family have been wonderful. I thank you all for putting up with me.

The garage door was new in 2014 (There goes the family fortune, kids!) Later, there was a backing up incident, when I took out the bottom panel. That was repaired. I was so dumb! I couldn't see it in the rear view mirror, it hadn't quite gone all the way up.

The electric sander is heavy, so I spaced this project out over a couple of days. I was ready to repaint Tuesday, June 1st, but we'd rain on the way. By the afternoon, no rain, only drought. Having washed the door, and let it dry, I was good to go.

You can see the new interior frame didn't cover the old framing space width, and it has always bothered me. In hindsight I could have used primer, but I ordered a gallon of paint. I used three or four coats, I lost track.  

I'd been sanding the frame around the garage door, I closed the door to keep the dust out. I had the door clicker outside with me, as I'd taped the keypad in prep for paint. JB was in town. I opened it up, to put my tools in, when I spotted Blond Butch. I knew she'd figured out the bird seed can. They have a good sense of smell.

Cinnamon came to inspect. He wasn't too worried.

There were two raccoons later on in the day. I was amazed as it hauled itself up into the can. 

This is why I got rid of the cracked corn down at the pond. Maybe I should lock this in the shed, although the mice get in, then! Garage Butch 

Just for good measure, Butch took out Peter. I bought Peter in an auction. He did a face plant, and lost his wheelbarrow, as well as some fingers. I Crazy Glued them, and got more on MY fingers than his. I am not confident that his little fingers hold up his wheelbarrow. 

After this damage, Butch tried to chew a hole in my fertilizer jug. 

Lest you think it stopped there, it did not.

I was sitting on the back deck, watching the crows. Along came Blond Butch.

Butch in the backyard from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Then they were in the front. I could see Butch staring at Cinnamon, who was still standing on the bird bath!

Cinnamon couldn't believe it!

Butch visited the butterfly, again.

Butch in the front yard from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Butch decided it might be fun to explore the back deck. Next, I heard Nutmeg growling at the door. Sure enough, Butch.

Butch on the deck from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


I've had to ice my hand, as I hadn't used my painting muscles in a long time! It's so fun getting old.


Anvilcloud said...

You really do a lot of work. It's impressive. And what a time with the Butches.

Tom said...

...what a HUGE project.

RedPat said...

I thought raccoons were supposed to be nocturnal!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
they are very much at home - and seeking to stay, the Butches!!! YAM xx

Jeanie said...

You are one strong, tough woman and boy, that's one mammoth project. I bow down in awe and respect. Butch is pretty cute -- so long as he stays away from Nutmeg!

Nancy J said...

Butch at the door, lovely to see another feline all fluffed up and growling!!! Painting, the prep takes longer than the brush work for sure, well done to even start this mammoth task.

Lowcarb team member said...

Goodness that is a big project!

Take care.

All the best Jan

William Kendall said...

I'm surprised raccoons are this active in daylight.

Christine said...

You are so handy.

Lorrie said...

Sounds like a skit for a comedy show! You are one hard working woman! The garage door looks great!

Red said...

Nice job on the painting. Butch is going to have to go before he Has complete control of your place.

Kay said...

Good gosh, Jenn! You are totally amazing. I’m so amazed at all you do. That paint job does look very nice. Actually having Butch around so much would worry me. We had raccoons under our deck in Illinois a long time ago and it was a pain.