Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 32.2

 The morning didn't bode well. Dark, and it looked like rain.

It's been in the 30s (C.) and really hot. We can't complain, as we've an air conditioner. Our kids out west in Vancouver have had 41 C. temperatures. Only about 40% of people there have air conditioning. 

In B.C., things are really heating up. Lytton reported a temperature of 47.9 C.
Grampa began the day by going for a walk in town. The bugs here are biting through his bug suit.

I've been doing some advocating. I noticed that a CBC story about the LDD moths had the word 'gypsy' in its title. I checked it out, and sent a Twitter message to one of the co-authors of the story. Language is important. They changed the title, and added the information about the slant of the name.

 Our cedar waxwing squadron are still doing their thing.


Isabelle and I spotted the doe on the hill, just prior to our swim on Monday. It's fun watching nature with them. We talked about deer in their backyard in Bell's Corners. They are near a wild area. doe a deer  



Josephine was up at 8:45, she went to wake her sister! No response. I went down the hall, opened Isabelle's window blind, and stood staring at her. She's pulled this one before. Suddenly, she opened her eyes up, really wide, thinking she could scare me again. Not this time!

After breakfast there was indoor reading time. Our septic tank was being emptied. It was a good place to be. Grampa took the car in to have the A/C fixed. 

Jos finished a book she began reading the day before. It's 438 pages! In two days. They are voracious readers. Isabelle did some art, while listening to music.

Grampa took them into Stewart Park for walkies.  

There are LDD caterpillars on the trees. They are beginning to pupate.

It's a lovely park!

They came home and took off down to the basement for video time. I was on the back deck reading, when Isabelle popped her head out the door, "Gramma, we need some technical help!" Between the three of us we figured out how to reconnect the DVD to the TV. It was touch and go for a bit. Isabelle said they should play a drinking game! Everytime they said the name, Jean, they should take a drink! They were watching a video they've seen before and the character is always calling out for Jean. They were drinking water.

Grampa went into town to order hamburgers from a chip wagon. He phoned. I couldn't hear him. I phoned him back. It went to voicemail. Then he phoned me back. They were closed, as their potato peeler was broken. I suggested pizza. It'd be 20 minutes. I phoned to place the order and somehow put it on mute. I phoned back. I called JB back and said we were good to go and could he get me a bottle of wine. It was 5:58 and the lights were off in the liquor store. They were closed, too. 

🍕Dinner was fine. Thankfully. Mind you, I realized I took my pills meant for Wednesday, and this was Tuesday. What chaos!

After dinner, Isabelle thought she'd climb a tree, now that the crows have fledge, but there were waaaay to many bugs! She hustled back indoors. She was being swarmed. Josephine practiced her French Horn.

What a day!


Anvilcloud said...

Nice to see Stewart park again. Sorry about the fuss over supper.

Tom said... comes to a screeching halt when the potato peeler is broken!

Olga said...

Pretty unreal how hot it has been -- especially in NW U.S. and western Canada!

RedPat said...

It all sounds a bit chaotic!

DUTA said...

Your granddaughters have grown into two very lovely young ladies!

Nancy J said...

Thank goodness I wasn;'t there for the drinking game. Lovely young ladies in summer gear, we have 4C, cannot see if there is any frost yet, too dark.Dinner, always a treat to have it from the store and delivered by the school bus driver!!!

William Kendall said...

That bridge over the river is quite graceful.

The Furry Gnome said...

Our own grandkids have been restricted a bit in the heat wave!