Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Springtails, docktails, cat tales, curling tales

Curling update and COVID–19

JB is quite committed to curling. It's a wonderful pastime. He has created a matric, and keeps track of the teams, wins, losses, standing. There isn't a lot of information on many news sites. Sometimes, World Curling updates stuff, but not quickly. I've found a CBC reporter, Devin Heroux, who is quite prolific on curling information.

The news unfolded over the Sunday/Monday. There were four positive cases of COVID–19 amongst curling broadcast staff commentators. There are two broadcast commentator teams, TSN and World Curling crews, with one set of camera operators for both those crews. Monday morning there were three more cases in broadcast staff.

The games on Sunday morning were cancelled, to be played later this week. The games resumed Sunday afternoon, but won't be broadcast until Tuesday, as the staff are isolated in their respective hotels. There weren't any positive cases amongst the teams, other than the original one identified in the German team. They played with 3 players.


Yes, springtails, AKA snow fleas, making merry in the cold water of the frogpond.

There are so many, in the cold goldfish pond.  springtails  

Cat food issues

JB went into LAWS, the animal rescue/shelter nearby. You see, the cats don't like the canned vet food (Royal Canin) anymore. Now, they like Friskies, and whiskas. They don't like the Friskies shredded stuff, either. They just lick off the gravy and leave the meat. He bought some pâté, but couldn't lift it to the car. Happily, they carried it out for him.  His poor neck and arm issues.

Now, spring tales... 

From LAWS, in Smiths Falls, JB went to the health unit offices. You'll recall the needles/syringes I found on our property. The health unit suggested I call the police or the municipality, but she didn't think they'd pick them up if they were on private property. They did lend us gloves a sharpie container and picker-upper.  
JB went to the offices for me. Puncture proof gloves, tongs and a bio bin. There was some plastic under the little pile of needles, so it was in a plastic bag, which deteriorated over the winter.

I kept missing the sharpie container, thankfully I had a box. JB had to drive all the way back to Smiths Falls. The bio bin did not fit into their collection bin at the health unit! He had to hand it in.

Duck tales and Docktails!

I took the opportunity to check on the filled wood duck nesting box. I felt around and counted 15📹! I reported it to the nestwatch website.

I love how the marsh ducks simply lift off! Loons have to run across the water. ducks on pond 

Meantime, Cat tails, as both cats visit the dock. In this video, the ducks are yelling at Cinnamon! cats on dock  


Tom said...

...lots of tails/tales!

Anvilcloud said...

Lacey doesn't like cat food and eats mostly dry. She does like human tuna. We give her the GT brand, which she actually prefers. Still, much of it consists of licking up the gravy. There are more exotic foods that I see in the pet store, but they are so expensive that I am loathe to try them.

Interesting observation about the ducks.

Christine said...

Funny about cat food preferences.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Cat food; I seem to recall some hoo hah quite a few years back about Whiskas and other such companies putting something that was tantamount to "cat heroine" into their food, causing an addiction. I used to be no top of all that when I had Jasper, but it's been a few years...

Needles; that was clearly major dumping of some kind - would the police/forensics not be interested to assess them to ascertain what they held? For heaven's sake, it might even have been covid vaccines! (Or am I just being too much the amateur sleuth???) YAM xx

RedPat said...

Cats can be picky!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Good news about your duck box eggs! Hate that somebody is using your property for that purpose (those needles), ugh).

Nancy J said...

Some cats are so fussy, and others not at all, We had one ginger stray, Tom, the biggest and loudest of all, and he waited till the other 4 had fed, then had whatever was left. Now, Boris is fussier than ever, and has Iams biscuits. Love the deck saga, " If I just walk to the other end, I can still see you" Have they ever thought about leaping in?

Out To Pasture said...

Gosh, I wonder where those needles came from. Grocery store tins of cat food give Ellie Mae the runs. (super gross on a long-hair cat) so I buy her tins of Snappy Tom from Pet Smart. Expensive, but keeps her gut my senses at peace.

William Kendall said...

The ducks certainly don't like kitties.