Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Gramma Camp Week 29

Cinnamon found a Notable Sawyer. Josee was a bit creeped out. I scooped it up in the bug collector. Of course, it was better than a bat.

Breakfast time chat

There was some self-deprecating humour from Izzy. We were talking about handwriting. She learned cursive in gr. 4, you see, but they don't use it much online during virtual schooling. She said something about Josee's writing being better than hers, but that is a low bar. Then the puns flew.

Grampa was in the Catholic school board until gr. 4. They were to do cursive writing in Gr. 5, then he transferred to the Catholic school board. He had to teach himself using the bulletin board letters.

I told the girls that my gr. 11 teacher told me I wrote like a drunken spider. He was a known tippler, too. From there we asked about whiteboards. "Whiteboards are remarkable," apparently. Good pun by Izzy.
They said a lot of their classrooms had them, although some have smartboards (which project the teacher's laptop screen). I told them that a teacher in my school had piloted an early version. They flew him out west for training, as it was quite new technology. Now, every newscaster use them.

Josephine accidentally made herself a puzzle! We haven't gotten her any more, since school keeps them fairly busy.

isabelle made herself lunch. It never varies, when it comes to sandwiches.

Just as we set out for our afternoon break, the rain began. It looks lush and green.

Cinnamon watched the geese and ducks. Cinnamon geese ducks 

Rural raccoons are different than city ones! I loved watching him stand in the water to drink. Butch raccoon 


The crows must still be nesting. Crows May 8 both visited the cracked corn.


This videocam result is a hoot. The deer dancing in the frogpond! We all laughed and laughed!

I tucked Josephine into bed, and Cinnamon was on her feet, while she read before bedtime. It was so sweet.


Anvilcloud said...

I have been wondering if there is such a thing as black or greenboards anymore. I would have missed your pun (Whiteboards are remarkable) if you had not drawn attention to it.

Tom said...

...ham, mustard and pickle, yum!

William Kendall said...

One wonders why the deer does that.

Karen said...

That deer dancing in the pond just made my day.

Nancy J said...

Blackboards were the norm when I was at school and college, the screech of the chalk, the dust as they were wiped clean, now life with all the modern technology, instant communication, how lucky we are to be living in this way. The dancing deer, the pun!!! You have a wonderful pair of girls to brighten every day during Gramma Camp!!

RedPat said...

I think we learned cursive in gr 3 at our school.

Lowcarb team member said...

A lovely collection of videos, I enjoyed them.

All the best Jan

Lorrie said...

White boards are useful, but the markers are so smelly! In our school there are some black/green chalkboards, and some whiteboards. I like the cleanliness of the whiteboards, but hate the smell. Chalk, on the other hand, gets all over clothing and hands. Black/green boards are also REMARKABLE!