Thursday 29 April 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 28.2


We prepped for the storm last night, happily it petered out. I hustled off to bed by 9 p.m., as I was baffed. All was well with out world, girls tucked in, and peace reigned. I heard a bedroom door click, and thought it was JB. I heard a whoop! It was 9:23, and Isabelle said, "My mouth really is a trainwreck!" She'd lost another tooth, an incisor she'd been wrestling with. There was blood! 


Isabelle and I figured out some information for her government assignment. Clique ici pour trouver une liste de tous les groupes au Canada.

She has to find out the leaders of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan. Their band is near Golden Lake, and Ottawa is built on unceded land of theirs.

I sat in her knee chair, and said, "I'll be the student, you be the gramma!" I reminded Izzy of the role playing days! By the afternoon, it'd been raining all day, I suggested we do some exercises. They wanted to go down to the trailcams. Isabelle tucked her sister into her raincoat, and tightened it up, singing, "just like the raisins in a box of Kellogg's raisin bran!" 

After school, Grampa gave them a set of 10-pin bowling, and hilarity ensued.


Apparently, the crows were scolding Cinnamon. Cinnamon + the crow  


Butch visits regularly. butch  

Butch would really like to see what is in the nesting box! wood duck box  



Christine said...

Grandma is a great teacher!

Tom said...

...we had no storm, but colder temps are coming.

eileeninmd said...

We keep getting warning about storms, some rain is needed here.
Grandma's house is fun, I used to love bowling. Have a great day!

William Kendall said...

The crows really don't like cats!

Nancy J said...

That nesting box is so popular, hope the inhabitants tell everyone else to shoo off!!!

Anvilcloud said...

Aww. Sorry you're stressed, Jenn. I am sure the girls help to lift your spirit. We will get through this. (referring to your comment on my post)