Sunday, 4 April 2021

Felix, porcupine and Zola

Happy Easter
Happy Passover
 We're continuing our bubble. We ordered in Easter dinner on Good Friday. Family headed home Saturday. The kids are off school Monday, except Jos has a dental appointment to clean her teeth.  It's a four-day week for them.  They'll be back for March April Break and we'll have some fun.

Between the two of us, we've 6 healthcare appointments this week. All are a go, as far as we know. The dental protocols are amazing. Also, footcare, physio, Xray, and the like. 

Our vaccination centres, including pharmacies, are opening up. When vaccines were first distributed to pharmacies, they targeted some but not others. What astounded many is that the bulk of the pharmacies weren't in the high-COVID–19 areas (below in red). These are the people without sick leave, who are frontline, living in small apartments, with multigenerational families. They are low-income and BIPOC.

Toronto pharmacies offering vaxes

Note where they are not.

Sadly, our premier was sitting on them in freezers – for some reason. (He's been busy kowtowing to party donors –$1 billion worth of property development), by allowing them to pave over Toronto wetlands with a new Minister's Zoning law.) I read that pharmacies only have 200 doses per facility. This is going to take forever! The Ministry promised they would begin vaccinations there on Saturday. Nope.

Our health unit is up 12 more cases, according to the media. Ottawa has had some terrible numbers, an increase of 240 cases (a high), as has the province, 3009 per day. The variants are exploding. What irks me are the denial and the messaging from politicians blaming other levels of government. The federal government secured the vaccines for Canada, the province receives them and distributes them.  The 54 regional health units are dispersing them. Albeit very slowly. 

Toronto's Dr. Warner spoke of a patient. Her husband's factory workplace had COVID on another shift. He went into work. His entire shift contracted COVID. His family contracted COVID. He reported later that she died. 

Our MPP continues to get flak from both peers and followers after ludicrous tweets.

He continues to deny the pandemic.

OK, 'nuff. 

Grampa did a Dr. What show with Felix , his trusty assistant. 

Poor Zola   is hanging in. She visits every day, along with Fuzzy and his Momma. The others are out in the summer yards.


I think the porcupine is marking marking his territory! Can you see that?


Have a great week.


Tom said...

...Happy Easter y'all!

Anvilcloud said...

I see that your Shoppers has or will have Astra. I am not sure why the biggest local town, CP, is the one without a proper hospital and is not a centre for administering any of the vaccines. It's not that Almonte, SF and Perth are very far away, but I do find it very curious.

RedPat said...

Happy Easter! I hope Zola makes it through her recovery.

Nancy J said...

Easter Bonnet Parade, what a delight to listen to that old song. The jokes, where does he find them? Happy Easter to you and yours, we are Monday morning, a little grey, daylight saving( what a misnomer) has ended so at 7.40 a.m. today, 2 days ago it was 8.40 a.m. I read somewhere we should all ease gradually to the new time frame, how do you do that if you have to still go out to work? Figure out that one , Jenn , and you will get top marks.

Red said...

The vaccination issue keeps getting worse and worse. The provinces are an inept bunch of bunglers.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sorry about the vaccine problems. I always thought Canada had health care figured out!

Cloudia said...

I'm sad that this foolish strain of ignorance has made its way north of the border. We will beat it back together.

Kay said...

Now that we’re vaccinated, we have a ton of appointments scheduled for the next couple of months. I’m sorry you guys are having trouble with your vaccines. Thank goodness it’s going pretty smoothly here in Hawaii. I think.