Saturday, 6 March 2021

Life under COVID-19 Protocols

Our cases Friday were up by 1 (West Lanark). Lanark East has gone up from 25 to 34 cases. There are a couple of pubs involved. Quelle surprise!

It was a busy day Friday.  JB's arm is still sore from shovelling (we think), he is confined to barracks. We can add this to his neck pain (don't know where that came from). I returned wine bottles for recycling. Only two customers at a time in the beer store. More plexiglass. 

From there, I went to the library, where they have more plexiglass. You reserve them online, you get a phone message that they are ready. They pick up the books for you, you pluck them off the shelf where they are wrapped with your name on it, and take them to the desk.  Voila.

A haircut! Here I was in early November. November 30th I'd had enough. By December, I booked a hair appointment for January 9th. We went back into lockdown by January, it was cancelled. I had already chopped off the back, as it was driving me nuts.

Yes, Izzy, I put my face on. Looking at our recent COVID–19 trends, I figured I'd best go short, just in case. I feel so much better with my face on, under the hairdresser's lights staring at myself for an hour. It used to be I'd be content, as I would have to take off my glasses. Since laser surgery, I can see every wrinkle and dark circle. I wanted to try my eye liner, again. Then, I thought about putting on lipstick. Hah! I wore a mask, of course. What would be the point?!

My stylist told me that they wondered about the length of my hair, as I had not been in since last August. (It's all on the computer.) They told me lots of customers had been apologizing for hacking away at their hair. (I cut my ear last time!) I did not apologize. I was quite proud of the job I had done.

The protocols are excellent. I wore a mask the whole time, as does everyone else in the salon. They have worked hard to redesign the space for safety, with plexiglass everywhere. My hairdresser (since 2016) is off on maternity leave, with a January baby. I am pleased with the cut. (It's always scary with a new hairdresser!)

Next, I'm having trouble with Cinnamon (I think) using the hardwood pellets in his litter. That's all they have at our local store. I asked our cat hotel people, they only use softwood pellets, but because they buy in bulk, they deliver it. Online, again. Our local Crappy Tire only has the hardwood. Smiths Falls has the softwood, and I placed an order the day before, they emailed to let me know and after my haircut, off I went. They have a drive-up spot, and life was simple.

Since I was in the town, I phoned JB from the LCBO, and asked if he wanted fast food for dinner. Yuppers. Protocols were excellent there, as well. Masks, directional arrows for patrons, plexiglass at the cash.

I did not realize, but Swiss Chalet/Harvey's has a drive-through. That was simple. Since they keep the chicken on a rotisserie, it's all cooked, it was quite fast. JB had a baked potato, I had fries. Me bad. I sped home, and we feasted. We've enough for another meal, as well. 

Swiss Chalet - Wikipedia

I left the house at 2:30 and returned home for 5:45. That's the longest I've been anywhere since my surgery! JB has an injection in Ottawa next week. I have to wait in the car. That'll be fun! 😟


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh, I ordered in comfort food (fries and pizza) the other night too - hey ho. Your new 'do' suits you really well, Jenn - quite elfin like!!! YAM xx

DUTA said...

Lovely haircut! It suits your face perfectly!

Karen said...

The little things have become such major things haven't they?

Tom said...

...and I'm going longer and longer with each passing day.

Nancy J said...

Love the haircut, and new style!!!Ordering and collecting, the safest way right now. And yummy food, a bonus to have it all cooked ready to collect.

RedPat said...

Your haircut looks great!

Olga said...

I really like the haircut! It looks good on you.

Anvilcloud said...

Sue still hasn't been and doesn't plan to until she doesn't have to mask. Will that be ever?

Kay said...

You look nice with all the different lengths, Jenn. I cut my hair a couple weeks ago and regret not going shorter.

Red said...

Some of the routine activities like haircuts have become a challenge. I won't make any comparisons when it comes to hair. I haven't had a haircut since August.

NatureFootstep said...

I like your short haircut! It is beautiful with your haircolor.
I have softer hair and always cut it myself. So, I´m used to it.
Take care!

William Kendall said...

You were busy!