Sunday, 21 February 2021

Cheese, YVR, the wetland, the hot tub,

Tis winter! It was -19 C. this morning. Sunflowers continue to grow in the repotted palm. Those funny squirrels and chipmunks.

JB went shopping. This wasn't quite what I wanted. (I really don't like processed cheese!) Not only that, but it was past its best before date! This was Friday, Feb., 19. The Best Before date read Nov. 2020.

I went online, and couldn't find email contact info for Metro. Somebody should know about this. Instead, I had JB fish the receipt out of the burn bag, and did an online survey. I heard nothing back. I found Metro on Facebook, and posted a message to them, with the photos. I seriously don't want the $4.49 back. I worry about shelves with old food, and those with health issues. They responded with this:

Chris, a manager, phoned me Saturday morning. He was quite cheerful. I didn't want anything, just wanted them to know about the stale date! He couldn't understand how it happened, as they've sold a lot of cheese during the pandemic. He offered us a gift certificate, and I declined. He said he would do it anyway, and leave it in the office. We've noticed that... OK, not "WE" as I don't shop, if I can help it. My much older husband is the shopper. JB noticed that some shelves are empty-ish in some stores. 


We walked with Jesse and Cluny to school on Friday morning! It was so much fun! They are in Vancouver. Jess phoned and invited us, so we did Facetime while they walked the two minutes to school! It was fun. I asked Cluny if she was going to do art, or read, or puzzles. She wasn't sure, she told me. I took screen captures for fun!

Friday, Nutmeg continues to chew on the box. She goes right in, head first. It keeps her busy! Daisy used to chew branches on our forest walks.
Cinnamon takes like a little easier than that.


I continue to play Scrabble with Caitlin. We never get a word this good, though!!!  QUIZZERS for 365 points.

Weather BINGO

The hosts were playing weather BINGO on Your Morning. It was funny! 

They posted a video of Kelsey jumping after Lindsey yelling out BINGO during her forecast. It's lovely to have some fun in the morning. They laughed so hard tears were falling. If you have a moment...


I went snowshoeing. I left at 10:36, and arrived home at 11:05. It wasn't long, but in knee-deep snow.... 
it's hard going, and good exercise. It's not so bad on the deer trails, but on the wetland the bulrushes lean over, and collect snow, and your foot sinks.

The forest trailcam shows my trekking. You'll note my duck cane. In the wetland, the snow was so deep I'd place it in the snow, and had to bend over pull it out. It was pretty useless! snowshoeing 


The poor young buck. He's had this one antler for more than a week. Perhaps two! You can see, like a loose tooth, that it is bothering him!

Notice my behind. I didn't fall. The snow was flying up, from the snowshoes behind me, as I trudged! My pant legs were soaked, too. I have to strip my pants off in the foyer, so as not to get snow everywhere.

The kids went sledding in Ottawa, and had a grand time! They are so good with the kids, getting them out and about. Finding activities. They are still enjoying the hot tub they rented for February!


Tom said...

...the hot tub makes cold just looking at it.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Too bad about the past date cheese. My wife is a stickler for dates. When we visited my folks, who ignored dates, Heather would open the refrigerator, and pull up the garbage can and too everything that was past date, and then we would go buy groceries to replace. Dad was always talking about how he read that you could keep eggs for a year (yuck.) We had potato farmers for relatives and they would let people glean potatoes at the edges of the fields where the pickers would not as efficient when they turned. Dad would bring out these old shriveled up potatoes and saw, you put them in water and they were fine. They looked fine but were as soft as sponges.

Love your walks. You are much hardier than I am.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Unlike the supermarket I used when in Edinburgh, which always took care to give lengthiest dates as possible on goods ordered and always advised me if they couldn't meet their own standard with right of refusal if I wished, the supermarket here by the Hutch is delivering goods as close to use-by and even on the date as possible - likely because we are a small town and they don't want food to waste. To send stuff AFTER date, though, would have me on the phone pronto. And that cheese is so far over date it boggles the mind! That said, it is probably so processed it was nuclear anyway... YAM xx

Christine said...

Get JB to check those expiry dates!

RedPat said...

I wouldn't get out of the hot tub!

Cloudia said...

You make it fun!

Olga said...

Lots going on!

The Furry Gnome said...

What a great idea, a hot tub in Feruary! You need bigger snowshoes for that deep snow.,

Ontario Wanderer said...

I read about a man who used only past date food for a year with some foods being months past their best before dates. No health problems. My partner, like you is a stickler for past due food dates. I don't worry about it except to keep peace in the house. (I eat the old food when no one is looking if I can. I hate throwing out any food.)

Then there is the story of the Labrador trip that went horribly wrong and the men ended up eating their belts and shoes as well as the remains of a 3 month old kill they made on the way up river. Only one man died and it was not the food do much as the lack of food and cold temperatures.

E. Beth. said...

what a cold swim. i love the views. i think i may have jumped to the 2nd or 3rd post?? i was just having fun scrolling through you views. thank you for the fun. enjoyable. i had an interesting week. got groceries on thursday and then the ice came .. so glad we got supplies. i mean we always have soups and such ...but i know we need milk and eggs again soon ...but we are heading for another storm path. we will see?? ( :

Anvilcloud said...

from what I can tell, best before dates are general guidelines. but that's in your own kitchen. Store should definitely not sell dated items.

It looks like they are enjoying the hot tub. Of course, it's not cold because it's hot. lol

William Kendall said...

When I was a kid I tended to go for processed cheese, but not now. I go to the deli counter for it.