Friday, 8 January 2021

Trip home from Brockville

 This is my story about our trip to Brockville, to pick up our auction items. Trip to Brockville – the auction, back in November.  We visited Calamity Jane's is transformed! I've been saving this post for a rainy day. Well, no rain, just cold and snow.

We talked about this last night, and JB really catches up on our trips here. Just skim, if you wish. I like him to see what he missed driving!

Well, our errands done, we headed home. It's an old town, Brockville.

You wonder what happened! The truck was being towed, and it's missing a fender.

This was interesting: 41.5 acres of vacant land. It's listed at $669,000. It's a huge, triangle-shaped, undeveloped lot.  There are developments all around it. (I went to the listing just now, and it's gone!)

A lot of the buildings have this brickwork design.

This new house looks so forlorn!

Old, old farmhouses and barns.

Way off, miniature ponies! (As I recall!) All very peaceful.

This artist creates interesting sculptures. Even the fence is creative.

The rivers were full.

This is Toledo. Another crossroads, where old roads meet.

A witch, in a great location!

Leaving Brockville, we heard some music. I started bopping to it, making JB laugh. I looked so cool! 

MVI_6276 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Tom said...

...just over $1600 per acre doesn't sound bad!

Anvilcloud said...

Now that is a long time to save and subject/post.

RedPat said...

That sounds like a good deal for that piece of land!

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing this nice trip!

Red said...

You might as well make a trip fun so keep om boppin.