Sunday, 13 December 2020

What's Up?

We anticipated rain. A lot of rain. The storm is a Texas Low, pulling up lots of moisture and warm temperatures. It's not the way December should be. We ended up with 4 mm. And no freezing rain, which is a good thing. Our snow is all gone, again. It looks so dreary!

Thankfully, there aren't any bugs. Outside. I hauled in a load of wood, always worried about freezing rain and power outages. Along with the wood came some mosquitoes! I killed a couple with great relish.

You can see the predicted two weeks, with the hatchered gray dashes representing averages. We'll be in the freeze zone soon.


Everything is brown, so I thought we should find some colour. I sent JB into town. We have a lovely planter and a gnome evergreen.

I went down to the craft show in Rideau Ferry at CC's ($2 admission). I needed something else for Caitlin. It was well done, the show, with a map showing directional angles outdoors. They took the names and number of all participants. It just began to rain when I arrived home. I hope you appreciate this photo, A/C. I blurred the background, as it was on the workbench in the garage.


We love things that distract us. Caitlin and I play Scrabble online all the time! I made a graph of our scores. Several times we had exactly the same score: 317;278.


We've gone into a new level of risk. A yellow. We were green with few cases. We went from 0 to 9 cases in about a week. We are in the yellow, West Lanark. The lower left quadrant had several infections in a couple of big work places, which upped their count considerably. This virus is so infectious.

Westport has some cases from a school. "It’s a younger population getting infected than we saw in the spring. In the spring, most cases could be linked to travel. Now, it’s spreading within workplaces and within households."

Dec. 11

Our MPP continues to support antimaskers, and COVID-deniers, around the province. Everyone I know is getting ticked off here, though. I'm thinking he won't get re-elected. He has ruined this for a lot of us, according to blather in Twitter. We continue to hear horror stories about irate customers. Thrown avocados were mentioned. We will get through this despite our poor leadership. 

The good news is influenza cases are way down! The red line shows tests (left) and the actual cases, right, compared to previous years.

We are continuing to stay in our bubble with the kids. This has really helped. We had them over last night, ordering in dinner for a weary crew from CC's on the Rideau, which JL fetched for us. And paid for! Bless his heart. 
We had fun watching the Elf movie last night, while Grampa read. (Not his cup of tea!) The kids have an elf. It was in quarantine for two weeks.

Then, teeth and jammies, and a couple of episodes of Border Security. 

We are having the kids this week. Meals are planned and in the freezer. Buckle up Buttercup, the adventure continues.


Anvilcloud said...

Happy Blurry Sunday. :)

I have looked at the long range forecast, trying to see if we will have snow for Christmas. We might, but it won't be much. Ah well, I think it will make winter seem a little shorter. Hopefully.

Tom said...

...we got just a little rain, COLD temps are on the way!

DUTA said...

Well, vaccines are on the way. People believe the pandemic will be over by April. Haven't heard of the intention to vaccinate children. Every time schools open, the numbers of infected in the general population rise considerably. Zoom and home schooling is not for every country.

RedPat said...

We didn't get much rain either. We spent the morning trying to stuff areas to keep squirrels out from where they would like to build a nest. There is always something.

Nancy J said...

When does your medal have its presentation? How many other grandparents are helping in the same way, your are literally life savers, there was snow in the far south a few days ago, we had 10C in the verandah today, this is our summer so far. And a friend in the far north of Australia in Townsville is already longing for winter!!!