Sunday, 27 December 2020

What else can go wrong? Part the 2nd

What else can go wrong? <= my first installment. I slipped out last week to fetch new reading glasses, and they work really well. I was gifted a beautiful chain for them for my birthday. Now I'm in business! One problem solved.

Lazy boy recliner

Apparently, my diagnosis was all wrong. We've 'fixed' my lazy boy chair, two of us forcing it down, and a piece popped off. I thought we were doomed, and I was prepared to phone the store in Perth, once they are open, to get a repair. We muddled through the day (see more details) and I sat in my chair. We were up and down. I found a foot stool, which served the purpose. 

I don't know what I was doing. I just sat in the chair, automatically used the lever to pop up the foot rest. Now it works. Who knows... we'll see how long this lasts! Another problem solved!

Christmas Day

I bought us a turkey. It was 23.75 lbs. I washed it, dug out the neck and all. (One year I forgot!) The turkey is too big for the lid to fit. I had to tent it with aluminum foil. Popping it in the oven at 11:30, I waited for the delicious smell of a turkey roasting.

We opened up the door to baste, and noticed that the element was sort of on fire. You could see a glow in one spot on the burner. Something happened, it was just really bad timing. It burned through the insulation. It's all bent out of shape. 

Nothing is open on Christmas Day! It would be simple to replace the burner if we weren't in a lockdown. Thank goodness for the internet, and search engines. It's a Kenmore stove, but Frigidaire built them for Sears Kenmore. (We were worried!)

No worries. Let's put it on the BBQ. We accidentally got a huge BBQ in May, the only one assembled during our quest for a BBQ. [Long story: More COVID–19 Era shopping] We were grateful now. 

You'll notice the propane tank is missing. We ran out of propane!

There was a gas station open. More propane, several more hours, and it actually cooked! And, yes, Red, it looks like Dave's turkey, but all was well! 

There was even room for the dressing, which kinda wrecked the bottom of my vintage enamel roasting pan, but what can you do in a crisis? 

We have a ton of leftovers, and that is a good thing!  We are in a lockdown for 28 days beginning Dec. 26th. We've a crock pot, I'll have to work on that. 

We're going to have to keep on trying to actually get the oven part. We found the part, it's at Home Hardware: 30" 2360W Replacement Element for Frigidaire. They are only doing online orders for items over $50. I don't know how much staff they'll have in next week. The store isn't answering its phones. No surprise. People should be home. I'll keep you posted! 
The adventure continues... 
The cats are happy. I bought them this silly floppy pair of fish. I only ordered it Dec. 21st on a whim, it arrived on time. You unzip the belly, plug it into a computer to charge it, turn it on, zip it up, and voila! We were listening to the Queen's message at the time. 

Cinnamon and the goldfish from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Tom said... time try one of those plastic roasting bags, the meat will in moise and fall off of the bones.

Out To Pasture said...

I absolutely love that floppy fish, Jennifer!

Nancy J said...

The Queen's Message, I did so like the band all on those magnificent horses, not a twitch of their ears as they sat so still. Pity about the oven part, hope you get it sorted, and that fish, it will be a fun toy for a long time. AND, a very belated HAPPY Birthday, hope you did have a day full of laughter and love.XXXXXX

Olga said...

My daughter had a similar oven problem on Thanksgiving.
That is a realistic looking fish and the cat seems to either enjoy it or be seriously annoyed by it -- I can't tell which.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
HAH! those fish are a brilliant idea!!! Crikey though, once the wheels decide to come off, it's never just one, is it? I have a back-up propane camp stove for emergencies - tend not to do oven stuff, but I surely would miss my hob! YAM xx

Red said...

Some of these breakdowns become marathons. You almost missed getting propane. You just missed another bullet.

RedPat said...

There is always something! Glad the turkey cooked!

E.lizabeth said...

i love your header shot ... so cute!! Merry Christmas. hope you had a great one. do u drink tea? or coffee? give me some advice. sadly so many of my faves have been discontinued or no longer sold. i need help. LOL!! how is life? good for you? sure hope so. hoping 2021 will be awesome for us all. ( ;

Anvilcloud said...

You are quite adaptable.

I wonder if Lacey would like that fish? She doesn't play with other toys that we have tried.

Lorrie said...

Oh my - you made it work in spite of all the problems of getting your dinner cooked. Creative and adaptable!