Friday, 20 November 2020

COVID with the Grandies Week 20 – Thursday

 I woke at 4 a.m., eventually I fell back to sleep, after listening to the news, and an Ideas program. Then, next thing I know Grampa was nudging me awake at 7:40.

I roused the girls, making sure Iz was REALLY awake. Grampa and I logged in while there was bandwidth!

8:19 a.m. – GRAMMA: "Have you done your teeth, Izzy? If you get cavities..."

            "Momma will rip your head off!"

Grampa went walkies. Apparently, Nutmeg was happily skating on the frozen wetland. 

8:26 – Two girls reading on the couch! Teeth done. Breakfast had, time to read.

8:47 – "Jos, do you know what time it is?"

    "No, what time?"


   " I'll wait until 8:50. "

9:00 – Cinnamon was on top of the fishtank, again. I could hear a peculiar noise. I sprayed him with water to get him down, and found the intake valve was loose. Sigh. 

From Isabelle's office: "Cinnamon, leave my ear buds alone. Cinnamon, leave my iPad alone!" Cinnamon was kicked outside.

10:00 – I went downstairs to do my workout, hoping all was well. Grampa was off to Carleton Place to fetch his supplements from Dr. Jenn.

11:00 – lunch 

    I gave the girls menus from our local restaurants. Thursday is our Take In day! The consensus was Asian Fusion from the Hot Wok. 

Momma and Papa are having adult food at home!

11:43 – They are to be back online for 11:45. I waited to see, but both of them took off down the hall to log back in. They are great independent learners! I don't nag if I don't have to.

12:15 – I heard a yell from her office. Izzy was yelling, PAPER! I need PAPER! I snatched a piece from the printer. 

    Next, I heard, "TAPE, I need Tape, Gramma!" We found tape. (Izzy gave a note to self: "I probably should have gathered my equipment first!")

    We lost the scissors, under her book. Apparently, someone (feline?) may have knocked equipment to the floor, behind the door. I suggested Iz turn on her video so that the teacher would know where she was at in the process. They were to fold the paper in thirds, lengthwise. Iz did it the other way and had to begin again. Couldn't find the geometry set. She needed to mark out 5 cm along the paper.

    She was to predict the ball bouncing. I already know that. Papa explained that it won't gain momentum. When push someone on a swing, it never comes back to you.

        TEACHER: "You can talk to a scientist."

        IZZY: "I can do that any time I want. My mom's a hydrogeologist!"

2:00 – afternoon break

Josephine and I went to fetch the trailcam cards. I warned her I'd moved the 2nd camera. She said, "Don't tell  me where it is. I want to find it myself! It's a big yard, but I can find it."

She did!

Down we went to the meadow, and across into the forest.
From there, we checked out the partly frozen frog pond. The ice was melting, as we are a bit warmer than before. 
Jos peered down the post. It was a pipe with a frozen core. We poked it and it bounced up and down.
Next, we were talking about mice friends. I told her I'd show her the vole tunnels. She did, just like I do, when she stepped on one she said, "Sorry. Sorry, vole!"
I showed her the gypsy moth eggs on the tree. She asked if we should remove it. "How do you remove them?"
        "We scrape them, then drop them into soapy water. But we don't have a scraper. Or water. Or soap!"
Next, incorrigible Nutmeg ran away.
Speaking of running! I finally snagged Isabelle on the trailcam. She didn't use the stopwatch properly, and didn't have an accurate time. Her afternoon asynchronous session tells her to run around the house twice. Today, she was 53 seconds, I think because she was checking the watch while running!

We ordered dinner from The Hot Wok. Wonton soup, egg rolls and broccoli with shrimp. I tucked them in, banked the fire, and off to dreamland they went.

Jos and Nutmeg.


Tom said...

...what a great school.

RedPat said...

You have such fun with those kids!

Nancy J said...

I can so easily visualise the whole day with your wonderful words, these worrying times must be a huge problem for so many other parents who do not have the older ones who step so valiantly up to the mark, then hit the ball and do the whole run in record time.Your girls are truly real troopers keeping up to the time allocated and starting promptly.XXX

Christine said...

Here’s to takeout Thursdays!

Kay said...

You have such a wonderful place to explore. And you are a fabulous grandma!!! If I woke up and saw the news, I would NOT be able to go back to sleep.

William Kendall said...

The kids are keeping quite busy under the circumstances.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Very busy day!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

This has really been a year for Gypsy Moth abundance. I don't ever recall so many and there are egg masses everywhere. It does not auger well for next year's forests.