Wednesday 11 November 2020

Book Review: Kamala in Canada

 Before I get to my book review, I must acknowledge Remembrance Day. It's quite a change this year!  Remembrance Day has always been a big deal in Ontario. Almost everyone wears poppies. The kids prepare for an assembly, songs, poems, interviewing veterans. It'll be a quiet one for us.

I bought JB some Legion swag. The poppy placemats look good. 

I bought him a Lest We Forget hat, as well! He's been doing thrice-daily walks. He snagged himself a tick this week, but we got it off in good time.


By Kaj Hasselriis

This story is a biography of Kamala Harris, a U.S. vice-presidential candidate. She is from a mixed family, emigrating to the US, Canada, and then she went back to the US. She led the fight against a landlord who wanted to ban soccer at her apartment complex. Kamala and her friends won!

They are delightful cartoons, with text in both English and French. 

We're pretty relieved with the election to the south. Speaking of which... a talented Canadian graphic artist has created a new book. It is timely, what with the US election last week. I really enjoyed it. There have been all sorts of interviews with people who knew vice president-elect Kamala Harris in high school in Montreal. She and her mom took in a peer who was being abused. 

Reviewed by the Montreal Gazette, "It's an inspiring tale of Harris' first political battle."

I bought another book by this author, Politikids.  About 4 of our Canadian party leaders. It was equally good. Isabelle, my grandie (10) was reading that one at home, my daughter tells me.

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Tom said...

...Kamala is a woman of the world and we are fortunate to have her as our Vice President Elect.

DUTA said...

She's good looking too, Kamala.

Barrie said...

What a timely review! I love the story of Kamala fighting to have soccer at her apt complex! I'll have to check this book out. Thank you for reviewing!

Powell River Books said...

I just saw an ad for this online. An aside, our MLA Nicholas Simons went to school with her back in Montreal. - Margy

William Kendall said...

That looks good for kids.

Linda McLaughlin said...

I'm pretty happy with the election, too, Jenn. Thanks for reviewing this book. I didn't realize Kamala Harris had lived in Montreal, and she's my senator! At least until Jan. 20th, 2021!

Happy Remembrance Day. (Veterans Day here in the US. Things are pretty quiet here, too.)


Angie said...

Jenn - and more than 75 million of your neighbors to the south are also relieved with the result. We still have a long way to go, but this is a significant first step!

Sarah Laurence said...

I love that it's in both French and English! The US has to get better at accepting that many Americans speak Spanish as their first language in a country with 20% Latinos. I would also guess that the average Canadian knows more about American politics than vice versa.