Saturday, 17 October 2020

More fall sights

Wednesday, Oct. 14th 

We are settling in for winter. I love mulching the leaves with the lawn tractor.  The trees are letting go of their leaves. Most of the maples are now yellow. 

I read about Koboremi, a Japanese noun meaning sunlight filtering through trees.

This tree is giving me grief. They are twisted around one another, and they creak in the wind. I have to keep remembering what is making the noise as I walk by. It's a tad spooky!

We had a big storm roll on through.  It was a healthy dump of 12 mm. The cats spent the time on the front porch. We need a ring road, methinks. This guy took two lanes to turn.

We went into town for our flu shots. I had mine at a small pharmacy in town, JB was in town and lined up for it. I had signed up for it at the larger drug store chain, but they had run out. There are many complaints that GPs are being short-changed, with drug stores getting more supplies, but everyone is now out of the dosages sent. 

This is the line-up for the lab, where they do blood tests. It won't be fun in January!

Meantime, the new health clinic is coming along. 😷Tay River Health Centre <= for more photos!

The chip truck, formerly on the spot where they are building the new medical facility, ousted the truck. The owners let them set up between the senior's residence and the new build. One last tree with colour!
The new tower is hanging in.
The turkey chicks are growing!


RedPat said...

I've spent days on the phone on hold trying to get through to a pharmacy to get a covid test so that I can visit my Dad in LTC. It is crazy.

Kay said...

I've never heard of that term. It's beautiful.
I'm glad you were able to get your flu shot. It's even more important this year.

Lowcarb team member said...

I always enjoy seeing the colours of Autumn/Fall.
That first photograph is wonderful.

All the best Jan

Ontario Wanderer said...

I have never had the flu shot. I did have the flu back in 1957 if I remember correctly. Never since.

I have hardly seen turkeys at all this year. Too much coyote activity I think.

Tom said...

...we had our flu shots this week!

Anvilcloud said...

We managed to snag flu shot appointments for Tuesday.

Jenn Jilks said...

I feel I should have the flu shot, Ontario Wanderer, as I am a volunteer with seniors. Also, for my hubby as he is at risk with cancer.