Monday, 27 July 2020

Backyard critters: bears

I keep track of bear sightings here: 🐻BEAR WATCH. With my eye surgery, I can see!

JB and I were on the back deck. He was reading his Kindle, I was listening to Uncover, a podcast.  (I still cannot read.) It's a lovely view from up there. It's a modest bungalow, but we enjoy it so much.

First Nutmeg came up on the deck, fairly normal, as she tends to nibble-on-her-kibble all day, in and out. Then, Cinnamon roared up onto the deck. They had a play fight. It is unusual for the two of them the be there at the same time.

I was gazing out the back, with my new distance vision, and from out the 'back 40' came Booboo Bear. Don't look for him in the photo. You'll have to imagine.

I whispered to JB look at the bear. I ushered the cats into the house. I dashed back outside with the marine horn, and videocam. I just wanted an image, and then I'd scare him off. We have to teach him that humans are dangerous.

JB said that Booboo lay down in the shade, just behind the flag pole. Booboo didn't see us, but he heard me. The minute I began videotaping, he was gone. At that point, I sounded the marine horn a couple of times, just to let him know we were serious. He has a healthy fear of people, so I think he'll be a good bear.

He's not very big yet, but he has managed so far. We will cross our fingers for him.  He's gotta be a spring cub, he's so wee. They are born in the winter.

Since my surgery, Friday, I've laid low. Sunday, I went down to the trailcams. Nothing on cam #2.
However, as I approached camera #1, there was evidence!

I did not collect camera footage Friday, or Saturday. I left it until my eyes were feeling better.
This is Booboo, but 40 seconds into this video from Thursday night (23rd), I think the older bear appears, and squats.

 This was Saturday. This is an older bear.

Booboo's only predators might be older male bears and coyotes, as well as humans.  The coyotes are pretty smart, though. They would know to steer clear of bears.

If he is a she, she'll have an easier time. The older males kick the younger ones out of their territory. We have a healthy bear population in the area. If you recall, one of our mommas had triplets last year. This was a fall photo on the trailcam. Momma and year-old triplets.

It was all very exciting.
In the meantime, we've had more rain, which is wonderful. Drought is bad for bears, as they mostly eat berries. Our wild raspberries are out now. They also have been eating the services berries, as evidenced by the poopy photo!

We've another heat wave (30+ C.) and poor JB has been watering plants for me. I'm not supposed to lift.
Thank you, all, for your kind wishes. I am so relieved. Reading is tedious, but I shall get to your blogs shortly!


Tom said... bears that I know in our backyard!

Christine said...

Poor bears with the drought. Oh they fixed both eyes didn’t they.

Olga said...

Did you have both eyes done at once? Take good care.

eileeninmd said...


I love the bears. They are so cute. We have only had one on our deck last year. Take care! Enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

Anvilcloud said...

How interesting for you ... and us.

Out To Pasture said...

Lovely to see your bears, Jennifer. It's rare to find one in my intensive agriculture area. Not enough cover and too many rifle owners. Humans are indeed dangerous! Is your damaged camera fixable?

Jenn Jilks said...

The camera is good, Angie. It's just open ready for new batteries!

I paid for my surgery privately, so they did both eyes at the one time. It's a good thing, as I don't think I could face it again.

RedPat said...

I think I would be carrying that horn around with me when I go down to the trail cams! Wonderful to see but scary!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh, love, love the bear video.

Hope your eyes heal nicely and good vision is in your future!

DeniseinVA said...

Exciting to see your bears! So many of them!!! A good idea using the bull horn, kinder to them and to you. We had a young bear in our neighborhood recently, not seen by me but photographed and shared showing him/her trying to get to someone’s bird feeder. Not good as we live in the suburbs. Hopefully it has reached a less densely populated area now. Glad you have your much needed rain and better still that you are recovering well from your eye surgery.

Cloudia said...

Heal up in your Eden my dear Jenn!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jenn I am glad to read that you have been through it and are on the mend .. I had my surgery a month apart, one eye at a time .. I was so anxious because I hate anything to do with eyes.. but my surgeon was great and things went smoothly .. I can't imagine having the two done at one time ! You are a brave soul .. We haven't had significant rainfall here in Kingston for some time again .. so things are dry.
Enjoyed the videos a lot .. bears always strike me as walking drunk .. the way they sway a bit? .. a little comical.

Lowcarb team member said...

So good to see your bears.

Sending my good wishes as you continue to heal from your eye procedure.

All the best Jan

Angie said...

Jenn - it is so encouraging to know you have a healthy bear population, and you are right to scare them off. The worst thing that can happen to a bear is for it to become habituated to humans/human food - that usually means a dead bear, which is a tragedy for all of us! Thanks for this fabulous post!