Sunday, 28 June 2020

Ottawa and Perth

The testing centres are interesting. We passed the Ottawa East COVID–19 testing centre on our way in to take the robins.  I thought JB would like to see it, as he was driving. This is a former school. 

Also, they are working really hard on fixing up this old farm house. It is comforting to see the old place coming back to life. Many of us can identify with it, having not been to the hairdresser for months! Contractors, on the other hand, are still working away.

What a great way to visit in times of COVID–19.

This is such a fun backyard!

Watering in times of drought
These handy little trucks truck water as they go around and water all the hanging baskets in Perth. It would have been clever to get a photo of the planters, but I failed to do so!

It's good to have help watering at home. Can you see him on the fence?

Nutmeg hunting for mice friends beside my one pumpkin plant.

We were quite relieved to have rain on Saturday. I was not hopeful, but anticipatory. We ended up with only 8 mm, which is better than nothing. We've another cloudy day, which is good. That will let the plants absorb more water before it evaporates.


Tom said...

...and here our idiot President wants to slow the testing!!!!!!

Karen said...

Apparently we got 20 mm. I would hazard a guess that it was higher in my immediate area. The storms were quite hit or miss. We often see this, pouring rain or snowing a blizzard up our road and nothing here.

Rain said...

Hi Jenn, we are desperate for rain too, we had a little mini downpour yesterday and it was very welcome. That backyard is neat, looks like a mini golf they set up!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

There is a testing centre set up on the closed Quinte Secondary in Belleville, haven't been, not sure if we will go. We have done a few day trips to less populated places to enjoy the water and beach.

DUTA said...

We've got a municipal truck that waters and cleans the inner roads. It makes quite a noise, but it's a positive kind of noise.

Powell River Books said...

We've been lucky to have some rain every week for the months of May and June. April was the hot dry month here in the Pacific Northwest. We have a testing center not far from our condo in Bellingham, but I've never seen a line. Plus there is very little testing going on, only about a hundred or so people a day including those in hospital settings. Wish we could get a test and show the results at the border to not have to quarantine. That's what I read they are doing in Hawaii. - Margy

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

We did not get enough rain in that particular downfall. I've had to water the garden every day...the heat is drying things out quickly. Lovely to see you out and about photos.