Friday, 27 March 2020

Gramma Camp – Week 2.3

Isabelle has been amazing keeping the fire going. I woke at 12:30 a.m. coughing, and then 4, and thought I should go down. I decided to stay put. She did it, though. She is the new fire queen!

Breakfast was Bumbleberry Pie, toast, PB & jam. That was Josephine!
Isabelle gave herself some math questions.
News bulletin: 11 a.m. and Jos is getting dressed!
Izzy and Jos were outdoors, 11:22 a.m., climbing the tree before the rains fall.

11:30 a.m.

I saw a vulture circling. I dragged Jos out to the front yard, where we have some raccoon roadkill. The vulture vanished!

We've been trying to spot the pileated woodpecker, but it won't co-operate! We can certainly hear it.

We did some bird watching from the house, otherwise. I spotted a rock pigeon, and called them up. Jos checked it off her list.

For lunch we had yummy chicken noodle soup Momma sent.

I thought it funny! Josephine (12) is nearly as tall as I am.

The highlight of our day!

After lunch it was a concerted effort to bring wood in from the shed. They did a relay. (I'm coughing, the same chest cold from December.) They both loaded it up, then Jos put pieces on the cat tower, where Isabelle put them beside the fireplace. What a team!

Grampa snagged the cat food, we'd be out of cat food on Saturday. The vet clinic's peeps bring it out to the car with the hand held device to pay. Josephine went to the garage to bring it in for him. His left arm is still sore with his strained shoulder.

In the afternoon, Maggie turned up. She's the one with the dislocated ankle.

We ordered spaghetti and meatballs from a restaurant in town, and Grampa drove in to pick it up. They had really strict protocols, thankfully. Grampa even scored a package of 8 rolls of toilet paper at a nearby store! The supply chain is working, albeit slowly.

I had an incident, puting the spaghetti on plates, dropping one meatball on the floor. It bounced twice and landed on my slipper. Isabelle took the photo! There weren't that many meatballs, either. I rinsed it off and put it on my plate!

We live in interesting times. I wish you the best. People are beginning to self-police. They are looking after one another.
"A man identified as a snowbird who had recently returned from the United States was reportedly expelled Wednesday from two Lac-St-Jean grocery stores after trying to shop there. 
Until further notice, Canadians returning from travel must comply with a mandatory quarantine. Offenders face a fine of up to $750,000 and a maximum prison term of six months."

To end on a happy note...


Tom said...

...everyone needs a fire queen!

Anvilcloud said...

The highlight of your day might just be the highlight of mine too. :)

Karen said...

Those bouncing meatballs are something aren't they? Good thing you don't have a dog. Mine would have it before it landed back on your slipper.

How quick they grow. When I saw my grandson in Toronto last March he was my height. I'm sure he is taller now.

Christine said...

Your granddaughters are keepers. We are not wasting a drop of food either! We took so much for granted. Great on the toilet paper!

Kay said...

Oh gosh! That is a brilliant yoga dog.
We have a mandatory 14 day quarantine for ANYONE entering the islands here too.
Wow! That woodpecker carved out that hole? Amazing!

Nancy J said...

We will be able to access online keep fit classes from Monday, at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Yippee. No public transport unless it is to an essential workplace.We are coping, how long will the girls be with you? Here, where you were on when the curfew started is where you HAVE to live for 4 weeks, people on incoming flights have to isolate.Difficult times for many staff, logistics for this even in our small country must be a total nightmare to organise. Wonderful you have the land around you, imagine being cooped up in a tiny unit. We are so thankful our new bathrooms were all done last year. Take care.XXXXX

Red said...

Good thing you have the kids there as it makes quarantine time go by much smoother.