Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Gramma Camp 2020 – Day 2 – 2.1

Tuesday, we had snow all night and day, after snow all day Monday.

Grampa left voicemail, ordering cat food from the vet. We were going to transition the cats to other cat food, but this sure ain't the time! The vet's peeps will bring the food to the car, with a remote credit card scanner, at a pre-arranged time.
JB canceled his April injection appointment in the city. His cold is easing, I'm fighting it, again, too.

The girls set their iPad alarms, and woke at 7:30 a.m., then promptly drifted off. When I went down they were reading. Izzy had added to the fire.

Izzy's dragon in the snow!

I went down to check on them, and suggested this: Virtual Roller Coaster Ride at Canada's Wonderland, there wasn't much interest! Jos doesn't like them, Iz prefers the real thing. She is the daredevil.

Breakfast was Bumbleberry Pie and toast. In that order.
Lunch was sandwiches, and a piece of fruit.
Dinner was weiners and beans.

Nutmeggie had a special surprise, which is why she had an excuse to sit on the table.

Lego for each girl, plus a monthly plan for doing a Lego project. (Grampa had bought them a couple weeks ago for just such an occasion!)

We hauled wood, duly captured on the trailcam!

We refilled bird feeders!

Brought in more wood.

Searched for owl pellets. (None!) I had to explain what they are. We couldn't find the white mute, on top of the white snow. I did hear the owl the other night.

Izzy practiced her 4 x's tables with me with her flashcards.
Next, a video en français: A Dog's Way Home.Image result for a dog's way home

I went off to grab the trailcam memory card, the girls went indoors. Two coyotes, and a cat!

I tried to look up Girl Guide badge requirement and they are pretty loosey goosey. It took me a good 10 minutes. Even then, they are vague. I think the Girl Guide leaders have to dream up a project.

Math, the teacher sent a URL for math worksheets. It's up to us to find the appropriate ones! (I am glad I'm not a parent working from home!)
As mentioned in my email before the break, students should be practicing their multiplication and division facts using single digit and then two digit numbers. They could also be practicing three and four digit addition and subtraction problems with borrowing and regrouping. 

Iz is supposed to write a journal entry daily, en français. We let it go last week. This week she left it at home. Apparently, regular paper, not the journal her teacher sent, isn't good enough! Gotta love 8-year-olds! It flashed through my mind that she would forget. I've sent kids home with homework, which they didn't do or 'lost!' The teacher even sent some writing prompts. I suggested she just write about what we've been doing. Nope.

Both girls are fluently bilingual, but they have to keep it up. They told me they tried to speak French all weekend, with their parents, but they kept forgetting!

Grampa gave Jos an assignment to figure out the Centralia Disaster. She is working on a verbal report for that, taking notes on her iPad. All of us took a trip to Tupper Lake, NY our weekend trip, which the girls don't really remember (Sept., 2016). Centralia isn't far away.
I remember the spider web trampoline.

I hope all of you don't feel like prey stuck at home in a spider web!

Kudos to all those who are self-isolating. Sadly, not all are doing this. Stories abound...

There are still people spreading non-scientific information. They are all laying into Terry Milewski, who used to work for CBC. He's not helping with fake 'cures.'


Karen said...

Some of the methods used to teach math now drives me round the bend!
Do you bake with the girls? That was always my favorite way to introduce fractions. I never "got it" in the classroom, but practical experience worked well.

Tom said...'s interesting that you visited the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. I have a cabin in the woods about 5 miles to the west. Stay well at Gramma's Camp.

eileeninmd said...


Cute photos of the grands and your kitties. I hope everyone is well!
Take care! Have a happy day!

Nancy J said...

Jenn, your home, your wetlands, and space are the perfect place for isolation, and the girls might be with you for some time.We went into nationwide lockdown at midnight, and where you were is where you HAVE to stay for 4 weeks, minimum.No driving anywhere for fun, Hugh is already feeling the restrictions curbing his life, but needs must. Obey or risk your life or another person's well being. We are all well, friends doing outside shopping, they visited two supermarkets to get cat food last night.We are so thankful. XXXX

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Continue to be safe, be well and be occupied with your fun girls!!! YAM xx