Monday, 9 December 2019

Kitten juggling

Sady (2005 - 2015)
Our new kittens look so much like Sady!
 Everyone loves the couch!

I popped into the vet to get some more kitten food. They are hungry critters. The technician told me that the woman who found them said she found them curled up together at the side of the road. She put them in the back of her car, and they curled up together, again. I am so happy with them. We are having fun.

They like the office, too. That's another quilt of my gramma's, on the rocker, where I used to breastfeed my children. My kids are 34, 36 and 40 years old this year!

We had a bit of an incident. I was in bed reading. Annabelle came over for a mush on the bed. She sort of nibbled my hand, which was unusual. She moved to the end of the bed.As they have been doing, the kittens were climbing the mirror in the corner of our bedroom. The wicker is quite compelling, they tell me.

Cinnamon was watching, cheering his sister on, or up. Nutmeg went flying up the mirror, Annie leapt off the bed and went after her. I was worried, but Nutmeg went back to playing. Annabelle took off. I talked to JB about it, and he suggested that Annie thought they were fighting. She loathes fighting and always interferes. She is so gentle, and really could care less about the kittens being here. The last time we took Sady to the vet, she had cancer, Sady fought us. Annabelle came rushing over.

Next morning, we were in the kitchen, waiting for breakfast, and Annabelle head butted Nutmeg. As if Nutmeg would give her food! They are getting to trust Annabelle, the big girl. 

They seemed to want more food. First, Cinnamon held his own. Then Nutmeg took over. Annabelle tried to stare her down. She failed. Nutmeg wouldn't budge. 
(Do you like the magnetic scrabble letters on the fridge? The grandies love to rearrange them.)

I put on our December tablecloth. Nutmeg approves. sigh.

So far, the creche figures are OK. Penguin guards them.

They like their old bedroom window, where they watch the birds. I moved the litter box out of the room, Annabelle was using it. I set it at the top of the stairs for one day. Then moved it to the foot of the stairs. Then, I moved it to where the other little boxes sit. No accidents. All is good.

Meantime, Nutmeg gets right into my plant, again!


Anvilcloud said...

Lots of live in those two.

Karen said...

put tinfoil on your plant and they will soon leave it

Out To Pasture said...

Him-m -- Karen suggested tinfoil on your plant to deter cats. Wonder if it would have protected my textured wallpaper -- which my cat, Ellie Mae, has now clawed to ribbons. (Sigh)

RedPat said...

They look happy!

Nancy J said...

And there is Annabelle, happy with two more in her area. .Hope the plants survive all their play.

William Kendall said...

I think Annabelle has decided she likes being an aunt to these two strange kitties.