Wednesday, 6 November 2019

auction and bartering

This is the season to be online. We might get a titch of snow later. Snow tires are on. We're good.

This is what we expect in the next two weeks.

I love the online auction! Look at the prices. Those Beswick horses are dear. It was fun watching the count down. I am easily amused, methinks.

On Facebook there is a Barter Board. I saw a post. Carlie was looking for a red shirt. I have one. It was my dad's, from a restaurant in Bala, Muskoka. She didn't need to borrow the cap, but was going to wear a headset and an employee name tag. What fun. It turned out, she sold us our smartphone and works in a store in town!

This used to be BJ's in Bala, Muskoka! Once dad has his licence taken away, due to his brain tumour and subsequent dementia, they would phone in their fish and chips order. Mom would drive in. BJ would bring them their meal to the car window and they would take it home to eat.

I also posted our two cereal boxes. They were picked up by someone from Smiths Falls.

Jesse left these for us, just having moved from Toronto to Vancouver. We decided to pass them on. No takers so we'll take it to the store run by our local women's shelter.

Also, the fish tank pump leaked. I just need to repair a bit of the basement ceiling. 

I posted a message...

Beth replied, she gave me some tape, and some mud, as well. When we went over to get it, I took over a few baby toys our grandkids have outgrown. She has an infant.

The clean-up of the cold storage room is done!


Anvilcloud said...

Barter Board is new to me, but we have a Buy Noting FB group here, which seems to function similarly.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
One of my aunts had a few Beswick horses (and several Lladro items)... I guess my cousins have them now. I always admired them, but don't have the urge to own them. Barter board looks to be both fun and functional! YAM xx

Karen said...

Hey Jenn. Hope today goes better for you.could you possibly send me the link to that barter board? Hopefully it applies to here too eh?

Olga said...

That's a great way to reuse and avoid waste. I will have to look for something similar.

William Kendall said...

Apparently there's snow in the forecast overnight. I saw some stray flakes earlier.

Vagabonde said...

I have never heard of Barter Board. I wish there was one in Georgia as I am still clearing out the house from our 43 years accumulation, and am a long way from being finished. But your weather sounds so cold. My eldest daughter would like me to move to Pittsburgh, PA., but moving north to Nashville from Georgia is north enough for me!