Thursday, 17 October 2019

Odds and sods

Pouring rain on Wednesday/Thursday overnight, 42 mm (1.7"). I'm happy for it. I can't complain. It could be snow, like Manitoba, still recovering from a massive snow storm. Power outages, trees down, First Nations evacuated. More than 6000 still without power, with another two weeks of work to do.
I did my usual morning workout, went to fetch trailcam CD cards, did some chores and it was time for a shower. I wondered about getting back into jammies and a housecoat, but resisted the lure. It is still raining! This storm is moving counter clockwise.

JB's been doing some clean outs. Our son-in-law brought some of the boxes of papers upstairs for us. After some research, we'll take them in to Staples to be destroyed.

Somebody brought me home pizza for lunch. The leftover turkey is starting to wear thin figuratively, if not literally. It's been yummy!

Annabelle went back to bed with her buddy. It was a good move.

Hooper sat in his house.

You'll forgive me, but I put up the Christmas lights. It was nice weather, and the job is done!

I gathered leaves during my regular forest walk. I glued them onto a piece of paper.

It's too big to scan, but I took a photo and changed the background.

On my walk, what is, I think, a Swainson's Thrush. They will be gone soon. Migrating to better climes.


eileeninmd said...


That snow storm sounds terrible, I hope everyone stays safe. Love the collection of leaves. Cute capture of Annabelle napping. I always love the lights, very pretty. Great video on the Thrush! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend ahead.

Rain said...

Hi Jenn :) Christmas decorations...oh my too early for me lol! But I understand getting it done! I LIVE in my pj's and big comfy bath robes...if I don't have to go out, I never get dressed! I think that Annabelle is a smart little kitty. We are getting pounded with rain here too. Manisnowba sure took a bit hit with that snow storm. I'm thankful ours is just rain! It's perfect November weather, I guess a month early!

Karen said...

After the tick episode I'm nervous to walk in the woods until freeze up.
We have more company this weekend and daughter is moving yet again so I hope the weather holds. We had our first snow last year on this day!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
That seems early for snowstorms, even for Canada. It causes one to wonder what the winter will proceed to be for you all. Well done on getting the lights up when there was a 'window'! Love the leave 'frieze'. YAM xx

carol l mckenna said...

Wild winds and rain here too ~ suppose to end tonight ~ Last night was even wilder with the winds ~ wonderful post and love the smart one in bed with the stuffed animal and what a creative video you made on your lovely nature walk ~ love the bird!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

William Kendall said...

Annabelle has the right idea.

Red said...

I don't like rain at this time of year. It is very, very cold.