Sunday, 8 September 2019

Winter, bring it on!

I left the wood order a bit late. Usually I order it in August, when the ground is dry. We had some surprising rainfall the first few days of September. Ah well.

I cleverly asked them to dump it in two places, after getting wood in for nearly 9 years! I cannot stack all of the two bush cords behind the house, but it would be preferable. I love the exercise, though, deep in winter: going out to the shed to haul wood on the sled.

Wednesday, Sept. 4th

He arrived at 8 a.m., bless his heart.

This is pile #1. You can see #2 in front of the shed.

I took it about an hour at a time, lots of breaks over 6 hours. JB kindly went into town and brought me home a Subway sandwich for lunch. I took a good break, watched a bit of tennis with him, and went back to it.  TA DA! The first bush cord is done. 

Apparently, the cats cleaned up the remaining debris (above) when I was at my client's house on Thursday!

Friday, Sept. 6th

 I'd taken Thursday off, and I'd best get going before the rain arrived. I knew storms were on their way. We ended up with 16 mm!

A 'friend' on Facebook said I should just get a propane insert, but that's a conversion and spending money bests saved for other projects. Besides, JB and his cats love the fire in winter.

Out I went after breakfast. I had a bit of a delay. A baby robin had been closed up in the garage. I usually leave the door open a litte, to let Hooper get in and look for mice friends. Instead, I found the robin locked in. Hooper was at the window of the shed, the robin banging on the window to get out. Her parents were out yelling at us all.

Running to grab her, the parents led Hooper away. Then Annabelle turned up. I grabbed Annie, tried to grab Hooper and they both scratched me. There was yelling and swearing involved. JB brought both cats in.

The shed takes half of it.

Finally, I got down to it. Cameras, gloves, water. I shed my coat, as I'd I worked up a sweat.

You know the best part? That shower afterwards. I was too tired to get into the tub. You know you've done a good day's work when you have debris in your sport bra! Following my shower, an ice pack on my foot!
I iced my foot

Saturday, Sept. 7th

I'd left the last until Saturday morning. I didn't want to push it, what with my foot and back issues.

As I removed the tarp, I drenched my shoe. Yuck! We had 16 mm overnight. Mind you, the dew was on everything until the day warmed up.

JB went out to get me some finger bandages. This is where Hooper and Annabelle scratched me. Then, I was getting boils on my wrist. It felt like poison ivy. Putting on my ointment for that, it was feeling better.
I whittled away at it Saturday, Stopping by 2 p.m. It's such good exercise.

No helpers, thanks to the bird incident. Daisy loved to help with the wood. I thought about her all day.

I went in, happy to put my feet up. My 'tennis elbow' has been acting up, as well as bruising on my left arm from the wood. It was too warm to wear long sleeves.
Then put on my brace
Speaking on tennis: we had a great time watching our Bianca Andreescu win at tennis. #SheTheNorth
"I know you guys wanted Serena to win....I’m sorry.”
She was amazing.
I went outdoors, after the rain passed, and spotted a rainbow. I cooked us some t-bone. The day was done.

This morning there are 500,000 people without power in Atlantic Canada, thanks to hurricane Dorian.  They had over 135 mm of rain. There is a massive clean-up. What havok all along its path.


Christine said...

Stay safe! Have to get the winter chores done.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
"the cats" are brilliant cleaner upperers! You did your exercise for the week, that's for sure. YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Bianca, what a darling girl, and a wonderful win.I'm sure there will be more to come,and guess what???? She will be here in NZ for the matches in January 2020. Wood stored, that is such a bonus, well done to manage it all, and Daisy, her memories will always be there.

Karen said...

We are getting too old for this nonsense Jenn! I'm about to head out and help with a load after I finish my tea. We came home from our hike in Algonquin (drove out by RAIN), but now the sun has come out and it's rather humid. So it's going to be a work day after all.
I'm anxious about our friends in NS. My childhood friend and her husband quit farming after the last serious hurricane flooded their place. But they stayed living there. I'm worried about them.

Powell River Books said...

Oh please, say it isn't so! Hate to give up nice summer weather. But you are ready with your wood. - Margy

Rain said...

Eek about your scratches! I did laugh at your sports bra comment though, been there ha ha ha! That's quite a pile of wood to stack. I remember the first time I stacked wood. I had 2 cords and I did it all in one day. I could barely feel my arms after that! Wood heat is the best! Right now we're hooked on hydro but when we move, it'll definitely be a wood stove!

William Kendall said...

That's a lot of work!

Kay said...

Ouch! I sure hope your scratches and leg heal very quickly. That's a LOT of work to get your logs stacked away.

eileeninmd said...


That is hard work. I hope you are feeling better. Cute kitties! Happy Monday, wishing you a great day and happy new week!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It is hard work...we used to burn wood in our “big” house in Oregon (in our former life, before we retired). For years, we would even go to the woods and cut our own (our former life was a long time ago)).... and we had four kids who were almost as much help as you kitties (lol)... now middle aged, they all still remember me telling them that it was better exercise than going to the gym, besides saving us money and keeping us cozy and warm!

Anvilcloud said...

The tennis was amazing. I have see others defeat Serena on a good day, but Bianca actually overpowered her.