Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Cement and lunch!

We had a mission.
This is what it looked like! Sadly, I'd moved it to another spot. Then, at 2 a.m., Hooper ran in to snuggle with JB. He was soaked. We think he landed on it and toppled the bird bath over.

It was a lovely birdbath. As Jean suggested, it could be transformed into some garden ornament. The birds miss it! I like the deep bowl in winter with the heater going.

The topper and the top bowl on the fountain are broken, too. I figured I could replace these, as well as the broken bird bath bowl.

Off we went to Hansen's to get replacements. I checked the website, and it said it was open Sunday. They have some fun pieces. This is from seven years ago! That's when I bought the fountain for JB for our tenth wedding anniversary. [Shopping for a statue for the meadow]

Off we went to Kemptville.
Annabelle might have liked this movie at the drive-in! "Annabelle Comes Home!"

These trike motorcycles seem popular! I saw several on the road that day.

I should have phoned first. There was a paper stuck to the green sign stating its hours, saying that it was closed today. Just our luck. We turned around, after our 50-minute drive, to head back. By now it was two o'clock.

This is the old Hershey plant, now Tweed and weed! We must go and see if we can see the mural sometime.
How Smiths Falls turned a chocolate factory
 into a marijuana plant

We'd planned to eat in Kemptville, and instead went back to Smiths Falls. It was now 3 o'clock, and I was hungry. I had an eggplant lasagna with a lovely caesar salad, bread with balsamic drizzle. JB had the jambalaya.

Architecture - I'm sure the Hotel Rideau has some stories! It has been refurbished since 2017 and the condos are not yet ready. It was built in 1901.

An archival photo!
Built in 1901, former Hotel Rideau 
 could reopen as mixed-use condo next year
Yesterday I tried to place the pedestal, the base for the bird bath, this time on top of bricks. I think I'd best do some more work on it. Back to square one. I cannot get it even.

The hanging and ledge flower baskets are looking wonderful. It's a shame that they'll soon be gone.

Happy Jenny, a glass of wine, barefoot in the sunshine on the deck.

This is my client's cat. I've been visiting my client regularly, weekly at first and now twice a week, and September began my 4th year doing so. The cat still doesn't like me! See his ears are down. He was a barn cat that they brought in years ago. He jumped down shortly thereafter.


William Kendall said...

Your client's cat must smell other cats on you, and doesn't like that.

Christine said...

oh dear on the bird bath!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Well, that was annoying, finding them closed. Still, a nice drive and you always find things to keep interest! YAM xx

Red said...

We're busy enough without the surprise of something being closed.

Nancy J said...

The cat is quite close so must be reasonably happy there. Pity the bird bath place was closed, you need one that is indestructible!!! So glad it didn't fall on Hooper when he was playing there. Our Boris stands on his hind feet and drinks out of ours.Hope it stays together amide the flowers and shrubs .