Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Everything is growing!

The garden

We've had 4-legged friends by. The garden near the magnolia, I worked so hard building it. It's gone crazy as I have neglected it. I managed it by putting up a fence. You'll recall the dead elm knocked it up a bit. Having the fence meant I didn't weed it much. I checked on it, and I think one of JB's friends got stuck in it, knocking the fence over more, trying to find a way out.

He was after the hosta. I give up!

JB helped me take the fencing down and roll it up. I give up! I don't want Bambie to be stuck in the garden.

Have at it, dude! He's pretty skinny, so he deserves it. One of JB's friends!

After dinner, I heart the barred owl calling a couple of times. Then, the blue jays yelling at it. They haven't nested near us this year. This is an archive photo.

Walkabouts: indoors and out!

BTW – this I bought from the online auction! I quite like it! The violets I grew from two leaves. My father always had African Violets.

The lilacs are nearly done. I wanted to trim the bush, and sent JB in with these for the vase. Now we can see to the backyard!

You are supposed to prune bushes by 25% annually.

Before Monday's rain, I thought I'd go walkies. Hat sprayed with bug spray, long pants, boots. 
 Hooper chose not to go!

The honeysuckle are amazing. They'll produce berries that the cedar waxwings adore.

The flowers!

Then, in the forest... poison oak beside old stumps.

bear evidence

I'd forgotten about the lady slippers, which bloom in June! They are done for the year. Fortunately, I have old photos!

The frog pond is full and lush. I am covered in bug bites.

I've taken an antihistamine as the hives are horrid. I didn't cover up enough. yowsa.

Monday's rain was amazing. We had 20 mm. In the rain, a confused driver! They are sitting half on the left turn lane, as well as our lane.
Make up your mind! from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

People on our nearby lake have been complaining about boat wake on FB. I'm happy not to be there full time anymore. A lot of people do long swims, or use kayaks, which don't go well with speed boats and jetskis. Summer begins.


Anvilcloud said...

Hooper looks like he's wearing underpants.

Out To Pasture said...

I also appreciate my honeysuckles. Bees, humming birds and Orioles love their pretty blossoms. Your photo of Hooper shows an impressive 'man spread'!

Christine said...

Enjoyed your beautiful photos.

Nancy J said...

Pity about all those bites, but summer days are a bonus.Love the walk through your garden, we have rain,all night and all morning, even though it's not quite 7 a.m.

William Kendall said...

Hooper's going for the slightly undignified pose. :)

Karen said...

Aren't the black flies something else this year? I have hives and swollen lymph nodes. Like my father, I'm highly allergic. If there is a hole anywhere in the net they will find their way in! I saw a couple of dragonflies after Mike cut the grass this afternoon so I hope they are about to burst forth and finish off those biting devils.

Linda said...

Everything is growing and full. Our honeysuckles were amazing, just waiting on the berries now, Trying to get the wanna be grass cut before more rain moves in this afternoon,