Sunday, 10 February 2019

Winter storms & Ontario Roads

I took a couple of photos with our new smartphone. I think I like it. We've had a total of three calls so far, one from hubby in town!!!!
All of our computers are Apple products, so this is a mild learning curve, as it is an LG product. I have yet to figure out how to integrate a few things, but for now it's a working phone!  [The whole saga, and why we went to a cell for in lieu of our landline. ☎️Bell Canada – Let's Talk]
We had awful winds and snow (blue), ice rain (pink) and rain (green).

I enjoy the technology that gives us information about the storms, and the impact on our work and play, is a powerful tool. Both in anticipation as well as the length of storms, and how and when to prepare. This is a good reason to stay home. There was ice rain all across the southern part of the province. 🚓ONTARIO ROADS 🚗 have been a mess!
Power outages across southern Ontario, this is a biggie. 

Winter continues. We had ice pellets Thursday, Feb. 6th. Friday, big winds, and a drop in temperature over the day. The trick was, to sweep away the melted ice pellets before it all froze again. That proved impossible. We are sheltering in place! See how much the temperature dropped over the day!

Wait until next Tuesday, another storm is on its way! The systems run northeast, and another Colorado low is forming.

Saturday, Feb. 9

This is what happened in the yard. Firstly, the birdbath heater came out of the extension cord. I noticed the poor mourning doves, trying to get a drink.

I plugged it back in, and poured some fresh water in. Slowly it revved back up.

I've been working on the driveway. It was sheer ice from the back of the garage to the forest. The water drains down onto the 'lawn', which is fine. We simply avoid it.

I sent hubby into town for salt. It was time. The stores were sold out. He finally found some in a garage! We wouldn't normally worry about this, as we bring groceries in through the garage door, into the kitchen, but we can't walk out to the yard. I was worried about anyone delivering stuff.

The sun was glorious. Annie didn't leave the deck. Hooper was a good supervisor, getting himself up into the trees.

This is the back door. The snow has melted, and frozen. I have to be careful fetching wood, not that there is much left here.

Down at the meadow, this creaky tree is still splitting. We shall see how long it lasts!


Anvilcloud said...

We are opposites: Windows computers but Apple devices.

DUTA said...

Enjoy your LG smartphone! LG, the korean company, has good products.
Sorry for your hard winter! Hopefully, Spring is on the way to rescue Canada and North America.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
We are having a blast of windy wet stuff - but comparatively mild. I got some new boots for Christmas which has super grippy soles, so even when we had icy conditions, I felt quite safe walking. Mind you, am not sure I'd want to test them on a skating rink... YAM xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Awful weather with more coming on Tuesday. Does your new phone sync up with your computers? We are all Apple as well, love my Mac

Christine said...

We are more than halfway through winter, just have to keep going Jenn!

William Kendall said...

Spring is still going to take its time. We had that drop in temperatures too, which helped get the Canal back into a proper order in town.

Red said...

Your weather is a big mess!

Nancy J said...

I have changed my mind about living where there is snow at the back yard. Do you have yaktrax or similar for over your boots?

Karen said...

We are happy with our LG phone. It's the service providers we have the issues with.
The forecast for Tuesday into Wednesday is getting more dire by the hour! Our latest forecast is for 30-50 cm and 80 kmhr gusts. NOT GOOD,

Tanza Erlambang said...

the results look perfect.
have a great day

Out To Pasture said...

So good to see Hooper enjoying his Daisy-free enjoyment of the sunshine. Last Fall, I also gave up my landline in favour of a mobile device. Not a smart phone though -- just a basic Doro clam shell model. (I have an iMac computer and an IPad tablet.) I'm heading out to buy more sand/salt mix today. Ice everywhere and the last thing my seventy something bones need is a fall!