Thursday, 10 January 2019

Grammar Police

I cannot help it. I know I'm not the only one. Menus, articles, ads. Grammar, spelling mistakes jump out at us.

My faithful bloggers include a lot of teachers. They faithfully, and gently, point out errors or omissions on my blog, as does hubby. It takes a village...

We teachers have spent hours reading essays, proofing, writing letters, writing newsletters, writing report cards, reading report cards, being edited by Principals for said reports.

We have helped shape many an essay or speech for students.

I spent a lot of time volunteering as an editor. As newsletter editor for my local teachers' federation, that was pressure. We teachers are the worst. It's like a flashing neon sign: ERROR!

I designed programs for school assemblies: Remembrance Day, December performances, Spring Concerts, etc. I wrote programs for a professional choir I was in, I also solicited ads for the Ottawa Choral Society programs.

Certificates: they are fun! I've created a lot of those.

I designed lots of other things: 'homework unfinished' sheets to send home on Fridays. I'd fill it in on a Friday, and staple it in their planners. Two per page, to save paper!
I designed a Novel Study assignment, with the evaluation integrated onto the page.

This is a guide for a student to write an 'Al' About Me' – AKA autobiography.

One year (2005), I taught at the Faculty of Education: Social Studies for Primary Junior student teachers. They were a tough audience, too! Designing web pages for information was fun.

Finally, forced to retire due to anxiety and depression, I found other things to do.

I wrote and edited quarterly newsletters for my hospice volunteer organization. It was interesting, and fun. It got me out of the house, and gave me a new hobby. I took photos, learned a new Mac program (Pages). An excellent way to stretch the brain. The ED  hired a professional agency to do these newsletters.   I only found out when we were sent a new newsletter in the mail. One which I had not written and edited. Seriously. This volunteer crap isn't for chumps.

So, I was on Twitter.... saw this handy guide. The OPP has a solid Social Media presence. They often Tweet out reports of closed roads, incidents, and detours from same. It's good information for those on the road.
Can you spot the error? 

Can you spot it?


Wife Off The Grid said...

The Twitter handle for OPP East should be @OPP_ER instead of @OPP_East.

Olga said...

These days I seem to make far more typos than I spot and lots of times spellcheck is not much help. My typing speed has increased with daily use of keyboard, but my brain has not kept up, I think.

Anvilcloud said...

Sometimes I see mistakes, and sometimes I just read the corrected version unconsciously. I recently read three poem lines where a name was used over and over, and I kept inserting the name in my head for the actual name being used. (In my head the name was Paddy, but in the nursery rhyme it was Taffy, and it took me a long time to spot it.) At other times, I can be quite picky, but I usually resist correcting people on social media although sometimes it can be funny to point out certain typos etc.

Nancy J said...

@OPPHSD, should that have been in words? Highway Safety Division? When our morning TV has banners running below the people, I spot a spelling or grammar error almost immediately. Once I sent them an email!!!Then 2 minutes later there was a second error. Sometimes I wonder with all the digital programs in place and spell checks, how can this happen. I Know I sometimes get "from" spelt as "form" and that isn't corrected.

Red said...

The toughest piece to write is the evaluation of student teachers!

William Kendall said...

Yes, I see it too.

Powell River Books said...

I just finished updating a 110 page Community Assessment for the school district I've been working for since retiring. Sections of the document remained the same, but in my final proofread I still found a few errors. - Margy

riitta k said...

Your banner is stunning and the cat is very clever :) I have a cat too and she climbs all the time.... Happy weekend.